Ryan Reynolds' Doctor Strange 2 Cameo Allegedly Debunked

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After a remarkable promotional push for Spider-Man: No Way HomeDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is poised to be one of the highly anticipated films on the MCU's slate in 2022, mainly due to the rumors surrounding the film's cameos by different characters across the Multiverse. One of those characters is Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool from Fox's X-Men universe. 

The upcoming MCU sequel will bring back Benedict Cumberbatch's titular sorcerer alongside new and old allies such as Benedict Wong's Wong and Xochitl Gomez's America Chavez. Plot details are still shrouded in secrecy, but the film's second trailer suggested that Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff will be the sequel's villain while also confirming a major cameo in the form of Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier

Stewart's return as the famous mutant led many to believe that other heroes from Fox's X-Men universe will also make an appearance in the sequel. Theories also ran wild when Reynolds' Deadpool was seemingly spotted by fans in the sequel's official poster, leaving everyone to speculate on how he fits into the overall narrative. 

Now, as the film's premiere inches closer, an interesting tidbit about Deadpool has emerged once again. 

Deadpool is Allegedly Not in Doctor Strange Sequel

Deadpool, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

Movie insider John Campea, via the latest episode of his YouTube show, claimed that Ryan Reynolds will not appear as Deadpool in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

This comes after Reynolds' recent comments about the rumors surrounding Deadpool's appearance in the sequel, promising fans that he's not in the movie:

“I could be lying, but I promise you I’m not in the movie.”

During the episode, Campea shared that he went to his trusted source regarding the subject to confirm Reynolds' absence in the sequel. 

"Instead of wondering about it, why don't I just ask because this person, who is extremely well connected to the situation, has never once given me an incorrect piece of information, like ever. Even the wildest of them, ever, ever, ever. And I can absolutely guarantee you that this person knows, knows, knows, knows. I can confirm for everybody right now Ryan Reynolds is not going to be in Doctor Strange 2, I can 100% confirm that for you guys. Ryan Reynolds will not be in this movie, the source that we reached out to yesterday is 100% in the know and 100% said, basically in no uncertain terms, Ryan Reynolds is not in this film."

Campea then clarified that he asked his source if Reynolds is in the film "in any way, shape or form," but his source told him no:

"I did not ask the question is Deadpool in the movie, I asked, the question I put forth was is Ryan Reynolds in this film in any way, shape, or form and the answer was no. Now, I think [guest Robert Meyer Burnett], you raise an interesting point cause what's to say there couldn't be a Deadpool poster on a wall..."

Campea's full discussion about the Ryan Reynolds rumor madness can be watched below:


Will Deadpool Appear in Multiverse of Madness?

John Campea's confidence about Deadpool's absence in Multiverse of Madness should be taken with a grain of salt, but the insider has strong connections to the movie industry, especially after the debacle surrounding the leaked images from No Way Home that came from him that eventually turned out to be true. 

Campea's claim combined with Reynolds' previous comments are in line with one another, thus hinting that Deadpool will not appear in the sequel. However, this could simply be a result of Marvel's heavy secrecy, and there's no telling if Campea was told by his source to completely debunk Deadpool's rumored inclusion in the sequel. 

If Deadpool ends up appearing in Multiverse of Madness, it's likely that he could have a limited role or a glorified cameo. The character's appearance could serve as a launchpad for the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 while also letting fans know that the film is now set in the wider MCU. 

At this point, Deadpool's involvement in Multiverse of Madness still remains a mystery. However, many would agree that they would like to keep it that way since seeing Reynolds' Marvel hero make his MCU debut without being accompanied by leaks would be a visual treat. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to premiere in theaters on May 6, 2022. 

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