Disney+ Just Cancelled Its Pixar Spin-off Plans (Report)

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Disney+ seemingly canceled one upcoming planned Pixar series.

At Disney's Investor Day 2020, a new Pixar original series was announced that would become the company's first long-form animated show.

The project, Win or Lose, is set to be released on Disney+ and will follow a middle school softball team called The Pickles as they prepare for their championship game.

Fans were given a first look at the project in September 2022, and then the first official footage publicly debuted a couple of months later in December.

Pixar's Canceled Disney+ Spin-Off

Win or Lose Pixar

According to a report from The Wrap, Disney+ "quietly canceled" a spin-off of Pixar's upcoming animated series, Win or Lose.

It was revealed that Pixar had plans to release some sort of spin-off series stemming from Win or Lose, but Disney+ shelved it before an official announcement was made.

The report also stated, however, that the show could potentially still come out at some point, but in the form of a feature film instead of an episodic series.

Some other details regarding the upcoming Win or Lose show were also given, including a release window of December.

Win or Lose will also reportedly differ from other Pixar projects stylistically, as it apparently had a lower budget than what the studio is used to producing.

However, the report described the show as "striking," and also stated that it is still a Pixar project at heart with Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates directing, who were two crew members credited as storyboard artists for Toy Story 4.

Why Was Pixar's Upcoming Series Canceled?

The planned Win or Lose spin-off was never officially announced to the public, so it being canceled by Disney+ didn't come with a specific reason, but it could potentially be due to the Disney company as a whole wanting to cut costs in the near future.

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy announced during the company's second-quarter earnings report that some content on Disney+ would be removed. 

Certain titles on the platform were already a part of this purge, including Lucasfilm's 2022 Willow series and Marvel's The Runaways.

Star Wars actor Temuera Morrison also talked briefly about Disney's upcoming plans, saying that the company would be making "a few cutbacks" in the future.

The true reasoning behind this cancelation is unknown, but the near-future plans that Disney is implementing for financial purposes are likely part of the decision.

Pixar is ultimately known as a studio that produces fan-favorite animated films, so Disney may be a little hesitant about greenlighting future shows before it sees how Win or Lose will perform seeing as how it will be Pixar's first-ever long-form show.

Win or Lose is set to debut on Disney+ sometime in December.

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