Inside Out 2's Disney Plus Streaming Release Gets Disappointing Update

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A report revealed how long Inside Out 2 will stay in theaters before it streams on Disney+.

Inside Out 2 is a sequel to the 2015 Pixar hit, Inside Out. It follows the personified emotions inside a young girl's mind and stars the likes of Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, and Maya Hawke.

Early reviews of the movie were extremely positive, with critics praising the new additions to the cast (such as Hawke), its animation, and its emotional storytelling.

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When Will Inside Out 2 Be on Disney+?

Anxiety, Sadness, Fear, Joy, Anger, Disgust, Embarassment, and Envy in Inside Out 2

A new report from Bloomberg revealed that Inside Out 2's theatrical run will last roughly 100 days.

It does not specify that it will be available to stream immediately upon leaving theaters. Still, based on recent patterns from Pixar, fans can get an idea of an expected window.

Those looking to stream Disney's Inside Out 2 may be somewhat disappointed by this announcement, as there is a somewhat longer gap between theatrical release and streaming release than Pixar has recently stuck to.

2022's Lightyear, the Toy Story spin-off, was available on Disney+ only 47 days after its theatrical premiere and became available to stream on August 3.

2023's Elemental had a wait a bit closer to this roughly 100-day one that Inside Out 2 has, but it still only had 89 days between its theatrical premiere and Disney+ debut (which was on September 13), 11 shorter than Inside Out 2.

Like Inside Out 2, both Lightyear and Elemental premiered in theaters in mid-June of their respective release years.

Considering the roughly 100-day theatrical run and assuming the fall streaming window for summer theatrical releases happens again, fans can expect a Disney+ debut for Inside Out 2 around late September or early October.

Why Is Inside Out 2 in Theaters Longer?

As is explained in the Bloomberg report, Pixar is likely choosing to keep Inside Out 2 in theaters longer than other recent Pixar projects because of the studio's confidence in it.

The first Inside Out was a huge success and won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars in 2016. 

In the almost 10 years since Inside Out has remained steadily popular. In August 2015, an animated short titled "Riley's First Date?" was released. Inside Out characters remain regulars at Walt Disney World and Disneyland meet-and-greets. Merchandise based on the movie is still sold. 

This indicates that audience demand for more Inside Out has remained high ever since it first hit theaters. A sequel will likely attract large audiences, particularly after the film's strong reception from critics.

Financially, Inside Out 2's long theatrical run makes sense. Keeping the film in theaters requires those who want to see it within three months of premiering, who can't wait for more Inside Out, who want to go in spoiler-free, etc., to buy a ticket.

Luckily for fans, Inside Out 2 is now playing in theaters.

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