Elemental Movie's Disney Plus Release Date Gets Announced

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
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Disney+ officially revealed when Pixar’s summer release, Elemental, will hit the platform, and it’s coming in hot.

Elemental was the animation studio’s stab at the rom-com genre. But as is often the case with Pixar’s films, there was a sizable twist in this particular meet-cute: Wade is made of water, and Ember‘s body is flame, meaning the two lovebirds cannot come in contact with one another.

Elemental was met with mostly favorable from critics and moviegoers when it came out in June and holds a 74% Rotten Tomatoes score. 

Upon release, though, many pounced on the film’s weak opening weekend as a sign that the animated outing was a flop. But as the hot summer weeks went on, Elemental found a far more sizable audience.

Elemental Heading to Disney+ Very Soon

Elemental Wade and Ember Watching TV

Disney+ announced that Elemental will start streaming on the platform on Wednesday, September 13.

Also getting added to the Disney+ catalog on the same day is a making-of documentary for the movie called Good Chemistry: The Story of Elemental.

The full press release for Good Chemistry can be read below:

"Pixar director Peter Sohn takes viewers on a humorous personal journey through the inspiration behind Disney and Pixar's feature film 'Elemental.' 'Good Chemistry: The Story of Elemental' traces his parents’ voyage from Korea to New York, explores his dad's former grocery shop in the heart of the Bronx, and delves into his choice of a career in animation, rather than the family business. The documentary is a delightful look at the unexpected influences that led to the making of the comedy-adventure 'Elemental.' 'Good Chemistry' is directed by Tony Kaplan and produced by Sureena Mann."

How Disney+ Will Likely Raise Elemental to Greater Heights

There has been a heavily recurring pattern since the pandemic died down, one that’s especially prevalent this year: audiences aren’t flocking to movie theaters like they used to.

The cinema industry is still in recovery mode following COVID-19, and people specifically want to go see something that they know they’ll enjoy. This is, in part, why so many films have suffered the fate of flopping in 2023. 

Massive lows like The Flash and Haunted Mansion stick out like sore cinematic thumbs against the unrivaled highs of Barbie and  The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s extremely profitable box office runs.

Elemental ended up falling somewhere more or less in the middle; it didn’t light the world on fire, but it didn’t cause shareholders to hang their heads in shame either. 

And things are looking up from here. With Elemental’s theatrical window winding down, the Pixar movie has, for the most part, already wrung every cent it can from consumers. It’s now the perfect time to stick it on streaming, where it will likely reach a much wider viewership.

Because that’s another recent truth of cinema patrons: they like to wait to watch new releases at home. When factoring in the expense of the tickets, the drinks, and the popcorn, the choice becomes clear for many. It’s also undeniably more convenient to take in a movie from the comfort of one’s own couch.

Elemental will begin streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 13.

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