Disney+ Cancels Major Lucasfilm TV Show

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Willow Ufgood, Warwick Davis

After just one season running on Disney+, the streaming service decided to cancel one of Lucasfilm's biggest IPs in its anticipated comeback.

Lucasfilm is going through an interesting time with its development process as the studio and Disney revamp their release strategy, recently canceling a couple of major movies from the Star Wars universe.

Disney is also reportedly looking to reduce the budgets for some of its major new entries from Star Wars and Marvel in order to increase profits while also releasing fewer projects per year to not oversaturate the market and keep fan reception more positive

But sometimes, even with those strategies being in place to help Disney get back to the success it saw in years past, cancelations and cuts are still part of the process.

Willow Cancelled After 1 Disney+ Season

Willow series

Deadline revealed that Disney+ will cancel the Willow series on Disney+ after only one season on the streaming service, a decision made two months after the series finished its eight-episode run on Disney+.

Even though the show was canceled, Willow remains one of Lucasfilm's most important IPs in the Disney library, which could lead to it being explored again in the future.

Currently, Lucasfilm is reassessing its big-screen film slate as the studio focuses on bringing another Star Wars adventure to theaters in the near future.

Will Willow Return to Disney+ Someday?

Based on the original 1988 fantasy film Willow directed by Ron Howard, this new Disney+ series helped fans revisit one of Lucasfilm's most beloved fantasy stories. While it brought back Warwick Davis and included big-name newcomers like Erin Kellyman and Tony Revolori, this simply becomes another casualty as Disney reworks its strategy.

With Disney going through such major changes, it's a complete mystery if Willow will ever be brought back to life, especially with the report noting that the IP may be revisited at a later date.

Particularly with Lucasfilm currently focusing on this year's Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny as well as multiple new Star Wars shows like Ahsoka and The Acolyte, the company is working hard to get back to the quality of content that fans have expected over the years.

Now, fans continue to keep an eye on Disney's upcoming changes with the Lucasfilm division, likely with plenty of new developments to come from one of the studio's biggest subsidiaries.

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