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Amid the Multiverse shenanigans from Sony Pictures' Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU's Flash Thompson actor Tony Revolori revealed an important tidbit to a key story in the threequel. 

No Way Home addressed the ramifications of Peter Parker's secret identity as Spider-Man in a big way during its early moments, one of which sees him rejected from college after applying to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alongside Ned and MJ. 

This plot point eventually became the driving force of what sets the threequel's Multiverse story in motion as Peter pleaded with Doctor Strange to erase everyone's memories of him being revealed to the world as Spider-Man. 

Now, one of the unanswered questions surrounding the MIT subplot has finally been addressed. 

Why Did Flash Get Accepted to MIT?

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson was accepted into MIT despite claiming that he's Peter Parker/Spider-Man's best friend. 

Flash Thompson in Spider-Man No Way Home

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Revolori explained this secret backstory throughout No Way Home, confirming that his Marvel character "definitely bought his way" into college: 

“Flash definitely bought his way into the school, and that’s how I was playing it in my mind. When we were shooting, the whole college admission scandal was going on as rich parents used bribes to get their kids accepted. So we kind of joked that it was the case for Flash. So I imagined that being the case, and it is a commentary."

The No Way Home actor then continued by praising how the threequel handled Flash's arc to mainly focus on the commentary of social economics: 

"But what I thought was also great was the fact that Flash is a person of color, so it didn’t need to be a commentary on social economics and race; it just needed to be a commentary on social economics.”

Revolori also opened up about his hopes of learning more about Flash Thompson in the MCU, such as the dangling storyline about his character's parents. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home established that Flash's parents were largely absent from his life, with the sequel's ending showing that his chauffeur picks him up at the airport instead of them. 

Revolori confirmed that he helped set up this story, with the actor even revealing that the actor who plays Gerald, a.k.a. the chauffeur, was actually supposed to play Flash's father: 

“Flash’s driver, Gerald, was actually supposed to play Flash’s father. But the day before, I was having a drink with one of the producers, Chris Buongiorno, and I think I said to him, ‘What if his parents, after all of this, still don’t show up?’ So it ended up being a funny gag, but we shot both versions with that actor as Flash’s father and Flash’s driver. So the driver version ended up being the funny one, and that’s the one they ended up using.”

Will Tony Revolori Return in Spider-Man 4?

Tony Revolori's latest comments solidify the collaborative effort between the MCU's Spider-Man trilogy director Jon Watts and the cast members pitching story ideas that made the final cut. This further proves the strong bond and the happy vibe that Watts and the rest of the stellar ensemble bring to the table. 

The confirmation that Flash "bought his way into college" isn't surprising since it reflects the reality that some college kids had to go through to enter such prestigious universities. Amid Multiverse barriers breaking and alternate selves popping up out of nowhere, No Way Home showcased not only these game-changing elements but also the little substories (such as Flash's college plot point) that grounded the story for a bit. 

The question remains: Will Flash Thompson appear in Spider-Man 4?

Revolori previously spoke about his MCU future, admitting that he's "not entirely sure" if he will appear in the next Spider-Man movie, though "[he] would love to reprise the role:"

"Not entirely sure. That’s a question for the powers that be... I hope to be a part of it. I would love to reprise the role in whatever way, so I’ll put that out there to them, that I would be willing. I’m down to keep going.”

Whether or not Revolori returns remain to be seen, but the actor's contribution to Flash Thompson's growth as a character could prove valuable for a future Spider-Man project.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is available on all major digital platforms.

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