Disney+ Announces R-Rated Marvel Movies Coming Very Soon

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Disney+ Adding Deadpool 1, 2 and Logan

The topic of R-rated content has been the topic of conversation for a long time when it comes to Marvel Studios and Disney. Most recently, the subject matter came up when Netflix's Marvel shows were transferred over to the service. Many were shocked by the news and how none of the violent content was censored for its new home on a family-friendly service—those who've seen The Punisher finale can attest to how brutal they can get.

Disney's acquisition of Fox also brought up big questions. What about Ryan Reynold's Deadpool? The character had become insanely popular, so there was no way they would ignore the character. Would they keep that R-rated spirit?

The writers of Deadpool 3 previously claimed that Marvel Studios and Disney have both "been very hands-off and supportive, but they've also let [them] do what [they] do." The situation certainly seems good when it comes to the MCU finally pushing that rating boundary.

Now, ahead of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), Marvel made a surprising announcement: Disney+ will be getting its first R-rated films.

Deadpool & Logan Have a Disney+ Date

Disney+ announced on its official Twitter account that three highly popular Fox Marvel films will be hitting the streaming platform on Friday, July 22: DeadpoolDeadpool 2, and Logan. All three titles will be uncensored, so the company has recommended that parents check their parental controls to make sure the family's viewing situation is what they want.

Ryan Reynold's Deadpool made the Merc with the Mouth incredibly popular and one of the biggest superheroes out there.


Its sequel added Josh Brolin's Cable to the mix, who also happened to bring Thanos to life in the MCU.

Deadpool 2

Logan served as Hugh Jackman's last outing as Wolverine, while also providing an introduction to X-23.

Logan, Hugh Jackman

Suspicious Timing for an R-rated Announcement

Making such a big announcement about Deadpool like this right before Marvel Studios' big day at SDCC is quite a suspicious move by Disney. It certainly reads as if it intends on making some sort of announcement when it comes to Ryan Reynold's fan-favorite character.

Despite it being previously warned that there might not be many big announcements at the showcase, a Deadpool 3 mention would fit SDCC over D23, which is where the studio is supposedly making a bigger splash. With it being a more adult project, officially revealing more information about it this coming weekend would make sense over doing so at the more family-family-oriented event this September.

There's no denying that this move is a massive statement when it comes to Disney and Marvel being comfortable pushing R-Rated content. But will these sentiments go past the likes of Deadpool? Could projects like Blade or Daredevil get this new rating as well? Only time will tell. 

DeadpoolDeadpool 2, and Logan are available to stream on Disney+ as of Friday, July 22.

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