First Look at Ryan Reynolds In New Deadpool 3 Costume (Photos)

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Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool

After weeks of filming, fans have gotten their first look at Ryan Reynolds' new costume in Deadpool 3

Marvel's Merc with a Mouth is about to be back in the spotlight, as Reynolds' fan-favorite hero joins the MCU for the very first time. 

Following months of teases from Reynolds and his various co-stars (including a newcomer to the Deadpool movies, Hugh Jackman), filming for the super-powered comedy finally got underway at the end of May in the United Kingdom.  

The R-rated blockbuster was just recently moved up on Marvel's slate as production continues under the watch of director Shawn Levy.

A First Look at Deadpool's MCU Costume

Images from the set of Deadpool 3 revealed what Ryan Reynolds' foul-mouthed anti-hero will be wearing in the upcoming threequel. 

As shared by The Daily Mirror, the images show Reynolds in full Deadpool costume both with and without his mask while on set in London, England. 

The costume looks to be very similar to the ones the actor has worn in the past two films, albeit with some slight alterations. 

This time around, Reynolds' Wade Wilson seems to be sporting a much brighter red look, with the primary color of his suit looking to be a bit more saturated than it has before. 

For comparison, the hero's on-screen get-up has traditionally used much more muted tones but still had the character's iconic red-on-black color scheme. 

Deadpool 1
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According to The Daily Mirror, the images were captured during the filming of a car crash sequence in a wooded area that will be seen in the film. 

An MCU-Sized Upgrade for Deadpool 3

While this new suit for Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth is not the biggest of changes, it is worth noting the subtle differences that are present in the Deadpool 3 look. 

Of course, the first thing to notice is Deadpool's new hyper-saturated color scheme - gone are the gritty toned-down reds of the Fox universe suit. This is a costume that looks pulled straight from the comic page with the colors popping like they never have before. 

A few other small changes come in Deadpool's various accessories strewn across his body. Most of them look pretty familiar, with very minute alterations to their original Fox look. 

Instead of the black fasteners that the character originally had on his legs and chest, the hero's MCU look seems to have incorporated a bit of gold.

Also, there seems to have been a slight change made to the shoulders of the costume, looking more like shared plastic motorcycle pads than just the reinforced padded leather seen in the first two films. 

What will be interesting to see is if this is the only upgrade Deadpool will be getting the upcoming threequel. Or, given the reported Multiversal nature of the film, will he also get another look fit for traversing multiple realities? 

Deadpool 3 is set to release in theaters worldwide on May 3, 2024. 

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