Netflix's Daredevil Cast Rumored for Return In Upcoming MCU Disney+ Show

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By Russ Milheim

Daredevil was arguably the most popular and successful show on the Netflix roster when their Marvel shows were airing. When it was canceled, many people were, understandably, disappointed.

Many people thought that would be the last time they saw Charlie Cox in the role with Marvel Studios taking over the television side of things and all. Thankfully, if recent rumors are to be believed, things might be looking up for Cox fans.

There have been loud whispers for some time now that the actor will be taking up the role once again in Spider-Man: No Way Home this December. In fact, many people believed they even saw the famous lawyer in the trailer.

While it's yet to be seen if he will in fact return in Tom Holland's third solo outing, a new rumor claims that the character is set to get a core role in the upcoming, yet still not officially announced, Echo show for Disney+.

Daredevil Cast Rumored for a Comeback

Echo Daredevil

Via his Patreon account, reliable scooper Daniel Richtman revealed that Marvel Studios is planning to give Daredevil his own project again down the line with Charlie Cox in the leading role. However, in the meantime, Richtman goes on to say that the upcoming Echo show will feature the return of most of the main cast from Daredevil, who will all play big parts.

Richtman mentions how the show may feel like Daredevil Season 4 because of it, but clarifies, saying: "to be clear, this is still very much Echo's show," and that "Echo is still the lead and it's her show."

The scooper divulged how these returning characters will be "somewhat soft rebooted into the MCU," What does this mean?

Well, they will all still have a history with one another, but some may look different in ways and boast slightly new backgrounds. The same actors will be bringing them to life through this change, though.

It's important to note that this is not officially from Disney or Marvel Studios, and this information is still just a rumor for the time being.

Daredevil's Back, Baby!

The Spider-Man: No Way Home news was exciting in and of itself, but to learn that the blind vigilante has an even bigger future in the MCU is incredible - a sentiment many fans across the world are likely to share. 

Many will likely worry that all of this may take away from Alaqua Cox's first solo outing following her MCU debut in Hawkeye, and the worry is valid. However, given the fact that her name is the show's title, and its creation was a huge step forward by Marvel Studios as it was, it's probably safe to assume Marvel knows that at the end of the day, Echo is the one in the spotlight.

After all, Captain America: Civil War had nearly every Avenger and big supporting character in the MCU showcased within it. At the end of the day, it was still very much Captain America's story.

Not to mention, characters such as Daredevil and Wilson Fisk both have integral connections with Echo's character in the comics. For example, Maya Lopez is actually Fisk's adopted daughter in the source material—which could explain all of those Vincent D'Onofrio return rumors about Hawkeye.

Disney+'s Hawkeye will be streaming on November 24 later this year, with Echo reportedly beginning production early next year.