4 Ways Daisy Ridley's Rey Could Return to Star Wars

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Rey Daisy Ridley Star Wars Return Theory

Daisy Ridley is back in the Star Wars news cycle, reflecting on the sequel trilogy and even discussing a potential return as Rey Skywalker to the galaxy far, far away.

Since 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars has been noticeably absent from movie theaters. The franchise instead shifted its focus to other mediums, especially television. 2023 will be no different thanks to Disney+

However, brighter days may be ahead for Lucasfilm’s theatrical slate. Progression on Damon Lindelof’s Star Wars film is seemingly full steam ahead. Not only is it reportedly set to release in December of 2025, but it could even see some sequel trilogy characters return.  

Considering Daisy Ridley’s love for her role in Star Wars, it would be no surprise to see the actress embrace the role once again. Whether it’s in the Lindelof movie or not.

But how would Lucasfilm continue Rey's story?

Training the Next Generation of Jedi

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Star Wars

When audiences left Luke Skywalker in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, Luke had a clear objective given to him by Master Yoda: pass on what he had learned. Following The Rise of Skywalker, Rey finds herself in a similar position.

As Luke stated in Episode IX, “a thousand generations live in you now.” So it only makes sense that Rey would follow in his footsteps and rebuild the Jedi Order.

A new academy provides a wellspring of opportunity. Rey could adopt or forge her own Jedi philosophy, expanding the scope of what audiences learned about the Force in previous eras. There are even some who want the term “Jedi” to be replaced by “Skywalkers,” as a way to honor the iconic Star Wars family and signify the evolution of their ways.

Regardless, exploring Rey’s journey in this way would give fans something they didn’t get to see much of with Luke after the original trilogy. Although, Lucasfilm is starting to delve into Luke’s escapades through The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett

Furthermore, people are aware that Rey is not alone in the Force. Luckily, her potential first student is also her best friend. 

Many were disappointed by what became of Finn as the Sequel Trilogy went on, including John Boyega. What better way to bring the actor and character back than to make him and Rey equals in the Force?

To most, this narrative choice seems like the obvious one. But there are alternative ways to continue Rey’s arc, one of which takes her back to her roots…

Quest for Ancient Jedi Relics

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When fans first met Rey, she was just a humble scavenger on the desert planet of Jakku. It would be fitting for Star Wars to reestablish this facet of the character after The Rise of Skywalker, but in a way that has evolved along with her arc. 

Narratively, it would make sense. Similar to Luke, Rey might feel it is necessary to learn more about the ancient religion of the Jedi before taking on an apprentice.

Traversing the galaxy in search of artifacts, knowledge, and temples would inform her understanding of the Force. And consequently, her teaching. This could be how she finds Force-sensitives and her future students as well. 

Even though David Lindelof’s upcoming film might feature some characters from the sequels, none of them will be the lead. Since Daisy Ridley would not fill the lead role in this new movie, Rey’s galactic quest could explain why she is regularly absent. It may also explain why the new protagonists would randomly run into her if she were to appear in the movie.

Scavenger Rey researching Force history and seeking long lost relics, with an Indiana Jones-like flare, would surely lead to an intriguing reintroduction.

Succeeding Leia as Political Leader

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Rey getting involved in politics would certainly diverge from most people’s expectations. Nonetheless, the motivation could be there. Daisy Ridley's hero does not simply want to honor the Jedi legacy by training the next generation, but she wants to honor the Skywalker legacy as a whole.

Luke was not her only mentor. General, formerly Princess, Leia Organa was Rey’s master in between the events of Episodes VIII and IX. More than that, she was Rey’s motherly figure and mentor. 

To pay tribute to her master, Rey might let her attention remain on the galaxy’s political strife. Except for the prequel trilogy, Star Wars tends to focus on the war itself rather than dealing with the origin of that war or its aftermath. Examining the repercussions of Emperor Palpatine and the First Order’s official demise could make for a fascinating exploration for a follow-up film.

It also forces the franchise to ask important questions: are there ideological factions? Do people want one governmental body overseeing the entire galaxy? Do some systems want to remain independent?

Whether it be First Order remnants or crime syndicates, there would definitely be power vacuums in certain areas. Lucasfilm could utilize this plotline so Rey still gets the chance to show off her Jedi skills as a freedom fighter.

Furthermore, this would be a nice contrast to Luke from a writing perspective. He mainly focused on building the new foundation for the Jedi Order after the Empire fell. This could be the way Star Wars differentiates Rey from those Jedi who came before her.

Embracing the Dark Side

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Of all the narratives presented in the article, this one seems the least likely. Part of Rey's arc in the previous movies was finding the balance between the light and dark inside of her. In fact, the character turning bad was always a popular theory during the Sequels.

That being said, this creative choice could be a fresh story for the future of Star Wars, because Rey does not have to necessarily become a Sith. The Jedi and Sith are simply religious factions that interpret the Force in a particular way. This new story could create a unique motivation for Rey to abandon the old ways and embrace a new ideology of the Dark Side. 

Ridley has also recently hyped up Leslye Headland’s upcoming show, The Acolyte. If her excitement in the Sith-centric show remains once it finally airs, it might spawn some interest in Ridley to delve into the darker parts of Rey. 

It also poses a different creative challenge for the actress. She could leverage other facets of her acting ability that she didn’t get a chance to unveil before.

There are numerous directions Lucasfilm could take when bringing Rey back into the Star Wars fold following the Sequel Trilogy. For now, though, there is still no official word on when or how the character will next appear. 

Fans could hear some updates regarding Rey, Daisy Ridley, or the next Star Wars movie at Star Wars Celebration from April 7-10.

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