Will Daisy Ridley Return to Star Wars? Rey Actress Shares Blunt Response

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Rey Star Wars

Although Lucasfilm has a major slate of projects planned for Disney+ and the big screen, its sequel trilogy still dominates many conversations amongst Star Wars fans. The last three big-screen movies delivered a thrilling new story, featuring new stars like Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron and John Boyega's Finn. The new Star Wars trio of films also introduced fans to Daisy Ridley's Rey, who became the latest Jedi to take the spotlight.

Audiences last saw Rey settling in on Tatooine as she unsheathed a never-before-seen yellow lightsaber before officially adopting the name Rey Skywalker and looking into the sunset. This shot officially ended the Skywalker Saga as Ridley was the last character seen on screen in this nine-movie adventure, although her future is unknown.

Even though there are a few movies planned for the next few years from Lucasfilm, there are no signs pointing to where Rey could return to continue her story. However, if and when Rey does come back into the mix, Ridley made it clear that she'll be the first one ready to revisit her iconic character's journey.

Daisy Ridley Always Thinking of Rey

Twitter user @REYSKYGOAT shared video of an interview with Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley from the 2022 BAFTA Film Awards.

When asked about a potential return to Star Wars, Ridley could only smile as she gave the blunt response "I'll always be Rey."

Ridley Ready for Star Wars Return as Rey

Having played a role in all three movies from the sequel trilogy, Ridley took her place amongst the historic cast of characters that Star Wars has built since 1977. Now, her character is taking on the responsibility of rebuilding the Jedis' place in the galaxy after defeating Emperor Palpatine's ghost and the entire First Order.

Even considering the controversial reviews, particularly toward The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, Ridley has shared plenty of positivity about her experience with the iconic sci-fi franchise. Rey became one of her defining roles, even with the sequel trilogy opening potential avenues to other blockbuster franchises in the process.

At the moment, Rey's story seems to be complete after the closing moments in The Rise of Skywalker, making a comeback for Ridley somewhat uncertain. Even so, after seeing Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, and more come back over the last few years, Ridley's name shouldn't be ignored for her own potential return.

All three of Daisy Ridley's Star Wars movies are available to stream on Disney+.

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