Star Wars’ Next Movie Rumored to Start Filming Prep Sooner Than Expected

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The next Star Wars movie - which is planned to release in December 2025 - might actually be preparing for pre-production soon.

There hasn’t been a theatrical release for the franchise since Rise of Skywalker back in 2019. Since then, many possible movie ideas from various creatives have floated around at Lucasfilm—yet none of them seem to have stuck yet.

One of the most well-known possibilities in the works when it comes to Star Wars movies is the untitled Taika Waititi Project. No specific details have been officially shared about what it'll be about, but given the director’s signature style, it could make for a truly unique Star Wars experience.

Even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is producing his own movie based in the iconic franchise, and it is currently being written by Michael Waldron, who wrote Loki and will be writing Avengers: Secret Wars.

Other Star Wars films in the works include the planned trilogy from Episode XIII director Rian Johnson and a flick from critically acclaimed writer Damon Lindelof, which just got itself a director in Ms. Marvel’s Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

But when might one of these actually go somewhere? That may have just become more apparent than ever.

The Next Star Wars Film Might Be Starting Up Soon

Star Wars Jedi
Star Wars

Thanks to a new report from Bespin Bulletin, it appears to have been revealed that filming prep for the next Star Wars film may be starting unexpectedly soon.

The outlet stated how, after talking with people at Pinewood Studios in London, “there’s some evidence that they will be shooting a Star Wars movie,” potentially starting pre-production as soon as “April or May” of next year:

“I was talking to some people at Pinewood [Studios], and there’s some evidence that they will be shooting a Star Wars movie, I don’t think shooting, beginning construction on a Star Wars movie around April to May. So if you think about it, this might actually be a good sign for the Taika Waititi project. How it sounds like it’s going to go is Taika [Waititi] is going to turn in his movie around December, and then they’ll [Lucasfilm] know. And if it does happen, around April or May, they will start making sets. That’s what I have heard. That’s me, okay?”

Previously, the next Star Wars film to be released would have been Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron on December 22, 2023. However, that project seems to have been shelved indefinitely following its release date being pulled.

Waititi’s movie was once rumored to start production in 2023, but seeing as how there have been no official updates on it, or nearly any other film under the franchise’s banner, starting up that soon seems strange. Especially when factoring in how the next movie isn’t scheduled to land in theaters until the end of 2025.

In fact, production starting so early next year could indicate that a mystery project could be ready to debut in 2024.

So, Which Star Wars Movie Will Be Next?

As for which movie might end up being first up, there are two clear front-runners. The first would be Taika Waititi’s movie, as theorized by the Bespin Bulletin.

The second would be Damon Lindelof’s foray into the Star Wars universe, which supposedly will take place after Rise of Skywalker. Since it just officially got itself a director, that alone shows more movement happening there than any other in-development project.

When it comes to all these other Star Wars projects, what might the movie be about? One thing seems certain: this story will shift away from focusing on the Skywalker family legacy.

One possible idea that any of these projects could focus on is the previously rumored concept of attachments being healthy for a Jedi— a stark difference from what has been told to audiences over the years.

As for when on the franchise’s timeline these other new stories from Waititi and Feige could be, anywhere is safe game. It could be exploring the same timeframe as The Mandalorian, be after the sequel trilogy, or even far before anything that’s ever been seen. They could even further explore The High Republic Era which is currently the focus of a publishing initiative by Lucasfilm, and an upcoming Disney+ show titled The Acolyte, starring Amandla Stenberg.

Any of these hypothetical movies could also completely flip the script and focus on places or concepts never seen before.

The next Star Wars movie is currently slated to land on December 19, 2025, while the next Disney+ project will be The Mandalorian’s third season, which lands on February 22.

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