Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie Gets Exciting Update

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There's a new exciting update on Taika Waititi's upcoming Star Wars film for fans of the franchise.

Lucasfilm made lots of announcements at Star Wars Celebration, the biggest among them being the reveal of three new Star Wars movies. 

One will follow Rey as she builds a new Jedi Order, another will be a massive culmination event from Dave Filoni focusing on the MandoVerse, and a third will tell the story of the first Jedi.

One project in particular, however, was missing in action: Taika Waititi's long-gestating Star Wars film.

When Will Taika Waititi's Star Wars Film Start Filming?

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Star Wars

A new report from Deadline offered an update on Taika Waititi's long-awaited Star Wars movie.

According to sources, the filmmaker remains "very excited" about the project, which is now set to begin filming in 2024.

For a long while, the rumor was that Waititi's film was going to be the next Star Wars film. In fact, at one point and time, whispers noted how production could begin as early as April or May of 2023—which isn't happening.

Back in March, when two Star Wars projects were revealed to be dead in the water, Variety claimed that Waititi's movie was still in development at Lucasfilm.

When Might Waititi's Adventure Come Out?

It is strange that if Waititi's movie is set to start filming next year, why wasn't it formally announced at Star Wars Celebration?  After all, it doesn't look like James Mangold's film about the first Jedi will be coming to theaters anytime soon—meaning, it seems Waititi's project might easily debut before it.

The biggest question, however, is what might Waititi's movie look like?

At the very least it could be a safe guess that it will be separate from the many Skywalker plotlines. The director and writer probably wants as much free reign as possible when it comes to figuring out his story.

Hopefully, he keeps his aggressive comedic tendencies to a reasonable level. Many fans took issue with his approach to Thor: Love and Thunder, so general audiences are likely going to want a more reigned take here.

If production on the movie takes place next year, fans should expect a late 2025 or early 2026 release date.

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