Disney Officially Abandons Star Wars' Next Planned Movie

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Rogue Squadron Star Wars

Ever since Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was announced back in 2020, fans have been wondering what exactly the film would look like. This was mainly because its release would mark the first movie in the franchise to hit theaters since the poorly received Rise of Skywalker.

Since then, not much information has been given on the development of Rogue Squadron. Even when it was made clear that no Star Wars movie would hit theaters before 2024, Lucasfilm assured the world that the movie would be coming out and everything was still in development. 

Fans were given a promising update as recently as March 2022 when it was confirmed that Lucasfilm was still having conversations with Patty Jenkins, the director of the upcoming film. 

Sadly, it now seems like that good news was for naught. According to a new report, the Rogue Squadron film has either been delayed indefinitely or abandoned entirely.

Rogue Squadron Removed from Disney Release Date 

Patty Jenkins, Star Wars
Star Wars

Variety is reporting that Disney has officially removed the upcoming Star Wars film Rogue Squadron from its release calendar. The movie was initially set to hit theaters on December 22, 2023.

According to the same report, Disney set official dates for three other projects: Snow White will land on March 22, 2024, Inside Out 2 will release on June 14, 2024, and Mufasa will hit theaters on July 5, 2024.

As for other future release dates for the Star Wars franchise, Lucasfilm still has two spots booked for unknown projects: 12/29/2025 and 12/17/2027.

Is Rogue Squadron Lost Forever?

This development shouldn't be all that surprising for fans. After all, movement on the movie has been notably slow, with there still being little-to-no details despite the announcement being made two years ago.

Could the movie have been completely canned? It's certainly possible, but it's just as likely that the project is simply delayed indefinitely. That is until Lucasfilm can settle on details and assign it a new date.

In the meantime, Star Wars lives on in the world of Disney+. There are shows like the Bad Batch Season 2, Ahsoka, and The Mandalorian Season 3 to look forward to, all of which are likely to land at some point in 2023.

With this news, the world is still left wondering when the next theatrical installment of the Star Wars franchise will be. Maybe whatever it ends up being could utilize the High Republic Era and explore everything that recent novels have set up--it would be fantastic to see villains like the Nihil or Drengir explored on screen. 

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