Star Wars' Next Movie Receives Promising Development Update

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Star Wars Rogue Squadron

It's been a while since Star Wars: Rogue Squadron received its last status update. The last time the film made the news rounds was for unfavorable reasons: reports circulated that Patty Jenkins' film had been delayed indefinitely. Rogue Squadron is still scheduled for a December 2023 release on Disney's slate, but there's been no official update on the status of the project.

One of many questions surrounding this movie is if Patty Jenkins herself remains in the director's chair. There was word that scheduling conflicts were partially to blame for the film's pre-production issues, but Jenkins has since parted ways with Cleopatra, which will presumably afford her more time and energy to Star Wars. Lucasfilm, however, hasn't commented on the matter, and there have been no reports from the trades providing further insight into the situation in recent months.

Script issues were said to be another problem that has plagues Rogue Squadron, as many of the new Star Wars projects have. Rumors suggested that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy had paused pre-production for the film, largely in an effort for the studio to iron out the story first. Little is known about the trajectory of the narrative, though Jenkins asserted her desire to make it a unique flight experience.

The Rogue Squadron video games have been confirmed to be a source of inspiration for the movie, to the relief of many fans. Those familiar with the X-Wing EU novels are aware that several of the books follow Rogue Squadron as well, created by author Michael A. Stackpole. While this doesn't serve as confirmation that a green light was given, Stackpole says he has had discussions with Jenkins about the project.

Patty Jenkins Had Discussions with Rogue Squadron Creator

Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars

Twitter user @Jedi4Liberty shared details from his recent experience at GalaxyCon Richmond, including a meeting with author Michael A. Stackpole. The writer, who created Rogue Squadron in the Legends X-Wing comics and novels, stated he was excited about the Rogue Squadron film and revealed he had been in contact with director Patty Jenkins "early on."

"Great meeting Michael Stackpole who told me he was highly excited about the upcoming Rogue Squadron movie and assured me Patty Jenkins had been in contact with him early on."

Rogue Squadron Moving Forward?

It's not much, but Stackpole's comments are just enough to give Star Wars fans hope that Rogue Squadron is advancing towards production. There hasn't been a film in the galaxy far, far away since The Rise of Skywalker in 2019, a taste that many hope to rinse their mouths of with a glorious return to theaters for Star Wars. Assuming the initial deadline is still on target, it will have been four years since a flick from this series hit the silver screen.

What's strange about the situation is the complete radio silence surrounding the project. There are usually reports from trades and fan outlets alike that drop casting details, as has been the case for the Disney+ series, but there's been no word on any actors joining Rogue Squadron. With a December 2023 release window, the absolute latest production can begin would be this Summer before any delays are incurred.

Regardless of the film's production status, it's encouraging to hear that Jenkins had discussions with Stackpole about the squadron. The author's comments are vague enough to keep fans guessing about when talks occurred, and it's likely that the "early on" stage has elapsed. That being said, there's been a clear sense of passion from Patty Jenkins to get the project right, and reaching out to the creator of the film's foundation is a great start.

Fans can likely expect an official update for the movie come late May during Star Wars Celebration. At that point, everyone will know if Rogue Squadron is next, if the rumored Old Republic movie is taking its place, or if something else entirely will be taking the release slot - assuming Star Wars holds onto the space at all. The next feature film's success is critical for the franchise, and Lucasfilm is wise to take the time needed to get everything sorted out.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is currently scheduled to fly into theaters on December 22, 2023.

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