Star Wars: Chris Pine Teases 'Fresh' Story of Rogue Squadron Movie

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Director Patty Jenkins is in the midst of a rise in popularity, one that is set to continue, if not increase, over the next few years.

The noted DC Extended Universe director is currently making the press rounds promoting the release of Wonder Woman 1984 as it streams on HBO Max. She is subsequently  taking her talents to Lucasfilm to direct the newly confirmed Rogue Squadron movie.

The expansion into the Star Wars universe will be an original story for Jenkins to direct based off the wildly popular Rogue Squadron books and video games, likely taking place after Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Although the film was only announced about three weeks ago, Jenkins is already close to “finishing the treatment” before taking on roughly two and a half years of work before the film releases in 2023.

Recent news reveals a discussion she had with one of her most recognizable collaborators...


In a recent interview with Collider, Wonder Woman 1984 star Chris Pine revealed that he recently spoke with director Patty Jenkins about the story she has planned for Rogue Squadron. Pine doesn’t confirm his involvement, although he conveys his excitement for Jenkins as she embarks on this new journey:

I had spoken to her about, not my involvement, but the story. She talked to me about it. It sounds really, really great. But I’m ecstatic for her, excited for what she’s about to embark on. If there’s anyone that can reimagine and breathe fresh new life into it, it’s her.


Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine spent most of the last four years working closely together for Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 for the DCEU, in which Pine portrayed Army Air Service pilot Steve Trevor.

Outside of the DCEU, Pine has been all over the sci-fi movie world the last few years playing roles like Captain Kirk in the revamped Star Trek series and voicing the original Peter Parker in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Pine and Jenkins have clearly developed a close relationship in their time working together, and Pine seems to have the utmost confidence that Jenkins will make her mark in the Star Wars universe just the way she did with Wonder Woman. There is no indication whether Pine will join this movie or not, but there is certainly the possibility with production still so far away.

Patty Jenkins has spoken on wanting to make Rogue Squadron “the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time,” which sets a high bar considering the in-air action for which the Star Wars saga has been known through the years. Considering Jenkins’ own family history with flying, this should be something special to watch out for as it begins production.

Rogue Squadron is set to release in theaters on December 22, 2023.

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