Star Wars: High Republic Disney+ Show Reportedly Begins Filming Prep

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Star Wars High Republic, Disney Plus

As Star Wars fans await the next name on the content calendar, updates have begun trickling out on the next wave of titles from the franchise. While things like Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Mandalorian Season 3, and Andor will fill up the rest of this year, now is the time for things to get rolling on projects for 2023 and beyond. One of these is the heavily rumored High Republic Disney+ series. 

Reports of the project began coming out earlier this year, with the descriptor of 'Stranger Things in space' being quickly attached to it. Recent casting calls for a group of younger roles confirmed Lucasfilm would in fact be riffing on the hit Netflix series.

Other than that not much is known about the High Republic series (code named Grammer Rodeo). However, since it was reported Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts would get the chance to play in the galaxy far, far away, it's been speculated that he is involved in this project.

Now, with still no official confirmation on the series from Disney or Lucasfilm, fans have yet another report of working being done on Grammar Rodeo. 

Grammar Rodeo Goes in Front of the Camera

Star Wars High Republic
Star Wars

According to Bespin Bulletin, the rumored High Republic Disney+ series described as 'Stranger Things in space' will begin filming in June. 

The site known for its Star Wars scoops revealed that pre-production for the series has now begun as sets are being constructed for this summer's filming. Principal photography will reportedly run from June through December. 

The series will be filming in Culver City, California, as well as Manhattan Beach Studios, a facility that houses a volume.

The High Republic Series Kicks into High Gear

Sure, Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to publicly acknowledge this mysterious High Republic Disney+ series, but fans are getting excited about it nonetheless. If there was any doubt this was real before, there certainly isn't anymore. 

Casting is underway (maybe even finished), and the series is set to go in front of the camera soon. Grammar Rodeo is real whether it has been officially announced or not. 

But when could that announcement happen? Well, Disney is set to host Star Wars Celebration this year on May the 4th, which feels like the perfect time to pull back the curtain on this streaming project (and maybe a few others).

It is maybe at that point that Kathleen Kennedy could bring out Jon Watts on stage to confirm his involvement and maybe even give audiences a glimpse of the cast.

It just feels a little bizarre to know so much about a piece of content without the studio bringing it to life even confirming it is happening. But surely it is only a matter of time before Grammar Rodeo is brought out of the shadows and given an official rollout. 

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