Star Wars: High Republic Disney+ Show Receives Exciting Update

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Star Wars High Republic Disney Plus Show

While 2022 will serve as Star Wars' busiest content year to date, Lucasfilm is also slammed with projects in production. At the moment, The Mandalorian Season 3 is in the midst of shooting, with a few weeks having recently been tacked on to bring things to a close in late March. Dave Filoni's Ahsoka is expected to begin rolling cameras immediately thereafter in April, while Leslye Headland's The Acolyte starts filming overseas in the Summer and Andor Season 2 picks up in the Fall.

In recent months, there have been rumors of a mystery project or two being in development under Lucasfilm, with the company eyeing production starts in the June/July timeframe. Initial rumors suggested that an Old Republic era movie would be filmed in London over the Summer in time for a December 2023 release, replacing the indefinitely delayed Rogue Squadron.

However, other sources reported that the film in question would be centered around the High Republic era, taking place roughly 250 years before The Phantom Menace. There have been no updates from Lucasfilm of any kind regarding upcoming films and shows, but the swirling rumor mill generated a significant amount of excitement from the Star Wars faithful.

The High Republic is only expanding, as Phase One of the publishing front has just been completed and sights are set on bigger things to come. A new rumor indicates that word of a secret Star Wars project filming over the Summer is true, and the High Republic will be the focus... though in a different capacity than many would expect.

High Republic Series Rumored to Film in June

Star Wars High Republic
Star Wars

LRM Online has corroborated Production Weekly's report that a Star Wars series set in the High Republic era will begin filming around June. The outlet's sources confirmed that the project would shoot in Manhattan Beach under the working title Grammar Radio.

Cinelinx previously reported that a High Republic series akin to "Stranger Things in Space" was in development, which tracks with the timing of this production. Bespin Bulletin backed up the report, sharing that Lucasfilm is in the process of casting kids in the age range of 10-12 for the project.

An Adventure for the Main Trio?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic - The Fallen Star.

If all the evidence from the last several months is compiled, it seems likely that the High Republic project in question will follow the early adventures of Avar Kriss, Elzar Mann, and Stellan Gios. The latest Cinelinx report suggested that the series would be kid-focused, though that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be a serious story. Star Wars has always been accessible for everyone, and this project likely won't be an exception; in other words, don't be concerned about an episode of the week showing Padawans juggling training remotes.

The bond shared between Avar, Elzar, and Stellan is something that's been discussed frequently by The High Republic authors, with teases over the last year that fans would eventually get to be shown the dynamic play out, as opposed to just being told. Unfortunately, that option is no longer possible for stories moving into the future... because Stellan croaked in The Fallen Star.

Throughout Phase One of the initiative, there were references and flashbacks to the antics the trio were up to as Padawans. If there are still plans to expand on the relationship shared, a Disney+ series would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Each character brings a unique personality and set of skills to the table, making for an intriguing story if the three were to undergo a mysterious adventure.

With The High Republic Phase Two jumping 150 years into the past, a story about the trio's time as Padawans would keep up with the current pace of going backward in order for the narrative to move forwards. And Lucasfilm has clearly taken notice of the era's popularity, as it's already branching out into other mediums of storytelling through the Star Wars: Eclipse video game.

For the time being, the High Republic streaming series should put to bed any rumors of a film coming from that era imminently. The accuracy of the previous reports on the film-front remains to be determined (and likely won't be addressed until Celebration in May), but if a secret movie is still going into production at Pinewood Studios over the Summer, the Old Republic project is the best bet.

It's an exciting time to be a fan of The High Republic. Readers who have kept up with the publishing effort are about to be rewarded in big ways, as The Acolyte will be set at the tail-end of the time period. With any luck, this new series will shine a spotlight on some newer characters fans have grown to love, making for more of a complete story as the rest of the narrative unfolds.

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