New Star Wars Disney+ Show Will Reportedly Be 'Stranger Things In Space'

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Star Wars has no shortage of new projects in development right now. From the latest live-action series on Disney+, The Book of Boba Fett, to an ongoing slew of novels and comics from the High Republic era, no one can deny it's a good time to be a Star Wars fan, and this is just the start of what else is coming down the pipe in 2022.

Rumors seem to confirm that the much anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi show will be releasing in May and audiences can also expect the Rogue One prequel series Andor and another season of The Mandalorian sometime this year. Another season of the animated series The Bad Batch is also expected in 2022.

On the other side of things, Project Luminous which was revealed to be Lucasfilm's High Republic publishing initiative is continuing to push Star Wars into an unexplored era at hyperspace speeds. Video games are even joining the movement with the upcoming Star Wars: Eclipse trailer taking place in the long-ago High Republic era. Adding to the bulk of High Republic projects are the rumors of a new TV show coming our way.

Star Wars High Republic Show For Teens In Development

Star Wars: High Republic
Star Wars

A new rumor from Cinelinx suggests that a new, as yet unannounced, live-action Star Wars series set in the High Republic era is in the works for Disney+. The main difference to take note of with this new series is that sources are supposedly calling it "Stranger Things in space." 

The new show will reportedly make use of a cast that is in the pre-teen to the teenage range with an author from the Project Luminous team on board to assist with development.

Cinelinx's Jordan Maison believes that casting for the show may already be underway, meaning an announcement about the show could be coming soon.

Stranger Things Meets Star Wars

The High Republic era is defined as the time period before the fall of the Jedi when the Galactic Republic was at its peak. With this being pushed heavily on the publishing side of Star Wars, it seems about the right time that the mysterious time period makes its way to live-action. There are already hints that a High Republic-focused movie could be in the works and it's also expected that the upcoming The Acolyte TV series will explore some aspects of the time period.

The idea of a Stranger Things meets Star Wars-style show is hugely exciting. Stranger Things has become a bona fide hit for Netflix, essentially recapturing the whimsical nature of sci-fi stories from the 80s and turning a cast of pre-teens into massive stars. Another 80s franchise that could benefit from the Stranger Things treatment is, of course, Star Wars.

Most Star Wars projects focus on a predominantly adult cast, so developing a new show with teenage characters could be just what the franchise needs to break ground with a younger demographic.

With another Star Wars day approaching on May the 4th, it seems likely more announcements on new Star Wars projects won't be far away.

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