Star Wars: Eclipse Trailer Reveals High Republic Action-Adventure Game

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Star Wars Eclipse Game Trailer

The future of Star Wars is a bright one. The franchise is planting its flags firmly in the streaming wars and will make its way back to movie theaters sometime in the next couple of years. But it's Star Wars gaming that might have the brightest futures. Since EA's exclusivity on publishing digital adventures in the galaxy far, far away came to an abrupt end earlier this year, the potential for Star Wars video games has blown wide open. 

Since that time, a Ubisoft open-world Star Wars game has been announced, a Knights of the Old Republic Remake was unveiled, and whispers of a Lucasian epic from Quantic Dream have made their way online. 

The French development studio is most known for narrative adventures like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, and is supposedly working on something Star Wars. Well, it seems that the rumors are true and Quantic Dream's leap into hyperspace is real.

A Quantic Dream Star Wars Game

A Quantic Dream-developed Star Wars game has been announced during this year's Game Awards.

The project is titled Star Wars Eclipse and described as an action-adventure title set during the High Republic era. 

Star Wars Eclipse Logo
Lucasfilm Games

The leaked trailer featured various scenes including one in what looks like the Jedi council chamber in Coruscant with a younger Yoda looking off into the distance.

Star Wars Eclipse Council Chamber
Lucasfilm Games

Other shots included one of a vast space battle with various ships. 

Star Wars Eclipse Ships
LucasFilm Games

And of course, the trailer also featured a pair of lightsaber-wielding Jedi looking at an unknown enemy in the rain.

Star Wars Eclipse Saber
LucasFilm Games

The full trailer can be watched below:


Star Wars Eclipse Gets its Moment in the Sun

Anytime a new Star Wars game gets announced it is exciting, but Star Wars Eclipse is particularly interesting. Quantic Dream's games while critically praised have kind of played out like playable movies.

While gameplay was not shown, this looks like it could be a quantic leap for the studio. With it being an action-adventure title, that means it could combine the dense narrative choices that are found in past Quantic Dream projects, with a beloved universe like Star Wars. 

Another exciting aspect here is the idea of venturing into the High Republic for the first time in video games. From the look of things in the trailer, Eclipse may fall closer to the end of the High Republic. Ships and locales share a particular Prequels milieu, and a character like Yoda can be seen on Coruscant. While the green Jedi master is quite old himself, it just has a bit of a Prequel feeling.

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