Avengers 6 Writer Announcement Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

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Although it is years away from its release, the hype for Avengers: Secret Wars has been sky-high due to the fact that it is poised to serve as the finale of the Multiverse Saga. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made the announcement at this year's San Diego Comic-Con confirming that fact, much to the delight of many MCU fans. 

Given that it is set to premiere in 2025, the exact plot details of the crossover movie are still being kept under wraps. However, this didn't stop fans from speculating about what will happen in Secret Wars, with theories about Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans' Marvel returns consistently emerging online. 

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty made headlines in the past weeks, mainly due to Shang Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton and Ant-Man 3 writer Jeff Loveness being announced for involvement.

Now, an important update about Secret Wars has been unveiled to keep up with all the news.

Doctor Strange 2 Writer Tapped for Avengers 6

Michael Waldron, Avengers

Deadline revealed that Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness scribe Michael Waldron is set to write Avengers: Secret Wars for Marvel Studios. 

Alongside this reveal, Deadline's sources noted that Secret Wars will have its own director, but it was pointed out that all parties will be in touch while the two Avengers films are in development. 

Moreover, insiders shared that meeting for the Avengers 6 writing job took place last month, with many believing Waldron was the front-runner due to "how much trust the studio has in the writer."

Following the announcement, fans took to social media to share their mixed reactions. 

@Blacklight_21 openly said that Marvel should've picked "anyone but Michael Waldron please:"

"Anyone but Michael Waldron please. Next they're gonna announce Taika is directing omg"

@_LyfeonMars_ is confused that Waldron is writing the sixth Avengers movie:

"Michael Waldron is writing what??!"

@franklinsherald appears to be boycotting the next film of Earth's Mightiest Heroes after Waldron's hiring: 

"y’all have fun watching this i’m not gonna put myself through another waldron written production."

@hawkewatching seems hellbent on ending her friendship with the MCU after the news:

"friendship ended with the MCU they keep giving Michael Waldron a job"

Despite that, there are still fans who are on board with Waldron's hiring, such as @AnuragSrivatsa

"i like Michael Waldron's MCU work so i don't mind him doing Secret Wars tbh."

@KotaBearzz pitches a team-up with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler so that it would give him some interest in Waldron's script for Avengers 6

"Waldron writing and Coogler directing would give me some interest"

@NickMenakos offers his "cautiously optimistic" take on the Waldron announcement:

"Cautiously optimistic here... I thought LOKI was terrific, and while the script for MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS was kinda messy, I still think the overall story/character arcs were great. 

With LOKI season 2 already looking awesome, I got faith in Waldron's writing for SECRET WARS."

@hungoverpopcorn admits that Waldron serving as the writer for Secret Wars "makes an unbelievable amount of sense" since he is described as "Marvel's go-to guy" on the Multiverse: 

"Michael Waldron writing ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ makes an unbelievable amount of sense. It likely will have a large multiverse focus, and he’s been Marvel’s go to guy on that front. His background from Rick and Morty also shouldn’t be overlooked."

@Capsicle1949 claims fans are going to watch Secret Wars anyways even after the "Waldron hate:"

"Waldron hate is so overblown on here anyways cus Loki is the best Marvel D+ series to me and MoM was great even though most of my praise would go to Raimi's direction. 

Fine with this. Y'all gonna watch it anyways."

@ConquerorChuck proclaimed that Waldron writing Secret Wars is the "ULTIMATE W:"

"Michael Waldron writing Secret Wars is the ULTIMATE W"

Will Michael Waldron Prove the Doubters Wrong in Avengers 6?

The mixed reactions from fans are understandable, especially after Waldron's stint on both Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Although the Tom Hiddleston-led series has generally been well-received, there is a good portion of the fandom that is disappointed with the Doctor Strange sequel.

However, this hiring makes a lot of sense due to Waldron's grasp of the concept of the Multiverse. Loki and Multiverse of Madness are the two MCU projects that relied heavily on alternate realities and using the same writer would mean that there will be consistent themes and major storylines will pay off. 

In addition, Waldron and The Kang Dynasty writer Jeff Loveness already collaborated before during their Rick & Morty days, meaning that this previous bond is useful when it comes to incorporating consistent elements from the two Avengers movies. There's a strong chance that Secret Wars and The Kang Dynasty are connected to one another (similar to Infinity War and Endgame), and the fact that the writers have a strong working relationship is already a win in itself. 

Hopefully, fans will give Waldron a chance, with his Avengers 6 gig giving him enough confidence to create a masterpiece that the audience will never forget. 

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to premiere in theaters on November 7, 2025.

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