Is Cobra Kai Season 6 Releasing in 2024? Recent Netflix Show Updates

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Many fans wonder when Season 6 of Cobra Kai will finally be released on Netflix, especially if it will be before the end of 2024.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai saw Thomas Ian Griffith's Terry Silver finally defeated by Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso. The previous installment's ending also teased what was to come in Season 6, when Martin Kove's John Kreese faked his own death and escaped from prison.

On January 20, 2023, Netflix greenlit a sixth and final season of the show but didn't provide any updates on when it could be released.

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Cobra Kai Season 6 Filming Updates

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Season 5 of Cobra Kai was released on Netflix on September 9, 2022, meaning it has already been 18 months since fans received any new content from the show.

Series creator Jon Hurwitz shared an update with fans in January 2024 via X (formerly Twitter) that revealed he was finally back on set getting preparations made for filming to begin.

Hurwitz stated that it was "amazing being back" and also teased that it "felt like [they] were filming future classic scenes," indicating that filming began sometime around that January 6 date:

"Amazing being back on set with the Cobra Kai family this week. So many hugs and laughs. It immediately felt like we were filming future classic scenes from the show."

Netflix also posted a production announcement video on YouTube on February 5 which featured many cast members talking about filming Season 6, indicating that shooting was moving along smoothly.

The footage seemingly included a few behind-the-scenes shots and some moments from filming. One moment even featured Jacob Bertrand (who plays Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz) stating that he was "super stoked to be getting back to filming."

Series lead William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) also gave fans a bit of an update on February 1 when he posted the first official behind-the-scenes photo from Season 6 on his Instagram account:

The cast of Netflix's Cobra Kai behind the scenes of Season 6

However, arguably the biggest update as of writing came when Hurwitz shared another post via X on February 1, revealing that "cuts for the first couple eps of Season 6" were "rolling in," meaning that they had at least filmed enough scenes to have a rough idea of how the first two or so episodes were going to look.

Hurwitz also teased in that same post that one of those cuts included "one of the most crowd-pleasing fights of the series:"

"Cuts for the first couple eps of Season 6 have been rolling in. I’ve missed this. Just watched one of the most crowd pleasing fights of the series. A fresh new team up. You’re all gonna go nuts. I can’t stop smiling."

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When to Expect Cobra Kai Season 6 to Release

Production on Season 5 began in September 2021 and lasted until December of that same year, meaning they filmed the 10-episode installment for around three-and-a-half to four months.

Filming for Season 6 began in January, and if it follows the same timeline as Season 5, fans can expect it to be finished around the beginning of May.

It is also important to note that there was a charity auction (which is now closed) for the highest bidder to visit the set during production. Details stated that the "experience [would] occur between February 21 and May 1," further indicating that filming would likely last until that latter date.

If filming does end sometime in May (or even June), then it is possible that Season 6 could be released sometime in late 2024.

However, it's expected that Netflix is more likely to wait to release the sixth and final season until early 2025 so that the streaming service can have a major show to kick off the calendar year.

However, Season 4 switched up the release strategy and premiered on December 31, 2021 (the last day of the year), so there is a possibility that Season 6 could end up doing the same and release on the last day of 2024.

The first five seasons of Cobra Kai are available to stream on Netflix, and Season 6 is currently in production.

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