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Anthony Mackie's Captain America, Red Hulk

Captain America: Brave New World might not spread its wings until next February, but CinemaCon attendees were quite enthusiastic about the footage shown.

Sam Wilson’s star-spangled adventures will continue when he headlines his own solo movie, Captain America: Brave New World. The film sees Steve Rogers’ one-time ally continue to step into the role of the new Cap.

It won’t be all fun and games for Sam, though, as he’ll be forced to contend with Tim Blake Nelson’s Leader, as well as a president with whom he might not see eye to eye.

Captain America 4 Reactions Galore

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in Captain America: Brave New World
Marvel Studios

At CinemaCon 2024, an event held for theater operators and film industry professionals, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was on hand to show off a brand new look at 2025’s Captain America: Brave New World.

It’s important to note that this preview has not been officially released online, but those in attendance were free to share their thoughts on social media.

Those such as Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter, who tweeted that Cap 4 looks to have "nailed" it:

"Feige is billing Cap 4 in a the same vein of Winter Soldier -- and the footage looks like it's nailed that"

Fandango’s Erik Davis mentioned that everything shown "looked dope" and Feige called it an "action thriller:"

"Feige compares the film to Winter Soldier, calling it a relatively grounded action thriller. What we saw looked dope."

Jeff Sneider, co-host of The Hot Mic Podcast, tweeted that the new scenes shown revealed Isaiah Bradley as a musically-activated sleeper agent:

"CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD footage references an act of heroism Sam Wilson did down in Mexico. Music can activate sleeper agents (incl. Isaiah Bradley) who try to kill Harrison Ford, whose inner circle has been compromised. He either can't see that... or doesn't want to."

Sneider also added more details about a tense exchange between Harrison Ford's President Ross - who we know will transform into Red Hulk later in the film - and Captain America:

"Harrison Ford's General Ross is 'no fan of heroes,' but even he can't deny the good Sam Wilson has done. At the end of the ‘trailer,’ he says, ‘You're not Steve Rogers,’ to which he replies, ‘You're right. I'm not,’ and then he spreads his wings as Falcon."

Chalice from The Illuminerdi was especially glowing with her praise, excitedly noting that she was "sold" on the new movie:

"I never thought I’d say this as a Chris Evans super fan… But we just saw footage of CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD with Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford and it was FUCKING AWESOME! I’M SOLD HOLY CRAP!"

Variety’s Matt Donnelly drew very favorable comparisons to the Jason Bourne franchise and stated that Brave New World "looks fantastic:"

"Anthony Mackie's standalone Captain America film looks fantastic. If Jason Bourne flirted with mechanical wings and a shield." contributor Brandon Davis remarked that the "footage is a massive win" before offering several plot details for the film that could be gleaned from the con-exclusive look:

"Captain America: Brave New World's footage is a massive win. 

They acknowledge Ross looks different. Ross wants to rebuild an Avengers team. Sam & Joaquin went on a successful mission and the President is proud. Isaiah Bradley ends up possessed in Winter Soldier brainwash style, tossing Sam and a table at people, shooting at world leaders, and even jumping out a window to flee. The action is gritty. It looked quite fantastic at CinemaCon."

Andrew J. Salazar of Discussing Film gave another description of key scenes from the preview, including one in which Anthony Mackie’s Sam is "attacked at the white house:"

“Our first look at CAPTAIN AMERICA 4, with Anthony Mackie getting attacked at the White House. We also saw a face hugger leap out at someone!”

According to Coy Jandreau from The Reel Rejects, the trailer acknowledged Thaddeus Ross’ recasting from the late William Hurt to Harrison Ford "head on:"

"Harrison Ford in the Oval Office is something special. Addresses recasting head on. Hearing Ford say ‘You know I'm no fan of heroes’ also ‘Avengers’ surreal"

Captain America Takes Flight

Judging by the praise heaped onto the footage of Captain America: Brave New World, MCU fans look to be in quite the ride when the long-delayed movie finally touches down.

Bits and pieces of the movie’s story were littered across these reactions but as with any Marvel Studios project, audiences can and should expect many surprises. 

Perhaps there‘ll be some cameos from other notable Avengers? It‘s been indicated that the plot of Captain America 4 involves Sam trying to reassemble the team, after all.

Whatever the case may be, there’s still a bit of a wait before viewers can catch the film, as Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Brave New World hits theaters on February 14, 2025.

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