Marvel Just Spoiled Phase 5's New Female Supervillain Debut (Photos)

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A new promotion revealed another Captain America: Brave New World antagonist and the MCU's latest Phase 5 villainess. 

While the return of Tim Blake Nelson's The Leader has long been confirmed for Captain America 4, rumors suggested Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson would be dealing with more than one baddie. 

Now, thanks to merchandising, the speculation appears to be true.

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Marvel's Next Phase 5 Female Villain Revealed

A McDonald's Happy Meal promotion, shared via Instagram, spoiled a first look at Diamondback for Captain America: Brave New World

McDonalds toy of Captain America 4's Diamondback

The packaging lists this character as Cascavel, Portuguese for Rattlesnake, indicating that this is the MCU's version of Diamondback or Rachel Leighton.

The McDonald's figure also shows this Diamondback sporting the same hair color and black and purple suit as the villain in Marvel Comics.

Diamondback from Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Speaking of which, in Marvel Comics, Rachel Leighton/Diamondback was a member of the Serpent Society who became romantically involved with Steve Rogers' Captain America.

However, she appeared more recently in a story with Sam Wilson's Cap.

The Serpent Society is a villain ensemble originally planned for Captain America: Civil War, and it appears Marvel Studios resurrected the group for Brave New World

In addition, both Diamondback and the presence of Serpent Society were referenced in a reported 2023 Captain America 4 casting call which requested an early 30s female to play "opposite Anthony [Mackie]" and was described as "a villain but also possibly a love interest."

Is Captain America 4 Diamondback's Only MCU Project?

While The Leader is Captain America: Brave New World's primary villain, Rachel Leighton's potential relationship with Sam Wilson suggests she's more than a lackey or background baddie. 

It's also worth noting that her leaked casting call mentioned the possibility, but not confirmation, of more appearances beyond Captain America 4

This is particularly intriguing since the MCU's next Phase 5 film is Thunderbolts*, another team of antiheroes, and her comic book character is known for being morally gray. 

Rachel Leighton is also expected to be Phase 5's third big-screen female villain following Zawe Ashton's Dar-Benn in 2023's The Marvels and Emma Corrin's mysterious villainess in 2024's Deadpool & Wolverine

While fans are only now getting evidence of Rachel Leighton in the MCU, she sounds like a character to watch in Captain America 4 and beyond. 

But the real question now is who Marvel Studios cast to play Serpent Society's Rachel Leighton and when that actress will be revealed. 

Captain America: Brave New World arrives in theaters on February 14, 2025.

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