Captain America 4's Female Villain Reportedly Revealed

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Captain America 4 Sam Wilson villain

New reports indicate who another villain in 2024's Captain America: New World Order might be.

Though little is currently known about the May 2024 film, fans have already gotten excited for a confirmed primary villain: the Leader. This antagonist was last seen in The Incredible Hulk, and will once again be played by Tim Blake Nelson.

It seems, however, that Nelson's Leader might not be the only big bad Sam Wilson will face off against.

A Potential New Foe for Cap 4

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According to insider Daniel Richtman, Captain America: New World Order is casting for a female character named Diamondback to be a villain in the 2024 film alongside Tim Blake Nelson's Leader.

The casting call, as reported by Richtman, calls for a "female, early to mid 30s" of any ethnicity, to play "opposite Anthony [Mackie]" described as "a villain but also possibly a love interest." The call also says that there is the option for more appearances for the character after the 2024 movie"

New casting.
Female, early to mid 30s. Open ethnicity Lead.
Opposite Anthony, a villain but also possibly a love interest, there will be an option for more after this film. WILL BE A STRAIGHT OFFER"

Further, rumors from CanWeGetToast on Twitter expand on this, saying that Diamondback would be a member of the Serpent Society.

A potential concept that was originally set to appear in Captain America: Civil War, the Serpent Society is a group of comic villains themed to, as the name suggests, serpents and snakes. Notable members have included Viper, Princess Python, and, notably in this case, Diamondback.

There is some speculation that Xosha Roquemore, who was recently reported to be part of the Captain America: New World Order cast in an officially unknown (as of publication) role, could be playing Diamondback.

Who is Diamondback?

If the name Diamondback sounds familiar, it might be because there was a Diamondback in the Luke Cage Netflix series. However, that Diamondback — Willis Stryker — is a different character than the one being cast for Captain America 4.

This Diamondback is presumably Rachel Leighton, a morally gray member of the comics' Serpent Society. Going back and forth between good guy and bad guy, Rachel has been a member of BAD Girls, Inc., the Secret Avengers, and Camp HAMMER., changing allegiances and sides seemingly on a dime in each.

She had a fling with Steve Rogers in the comics and appeared more recently in a story with current Captain America, Sam Wilson.

Her inclusion in the New World Order story not only indicates a potential love interest for Sam but also the introduction of the Serpent Society as a whole. 

Regardless, with the Leader confirmed officially and Diamondback heavily rumored, the 2024 film seems to have more than one villain.

Captain America: New World Order releases on May 3, 2024.

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