Captain America 4's Villains Revealed by New Set Video

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After months of speculation, a new set video from Captain America 4 revealed the first good look at the film's super-powered villains. 

As Anthony Mackie's Captain America prepares for his big-screen debut in Captain America: New World Order, Marvel won't look to take it easy on this new version of the Star-Spangled Man.

Not only will Mackie's patriotic hero have to go up against the political powers that be, but also a reported team of "five other villains" known as the Serpent Society. 

The snake-themed group of big bads has been teased throughout the development of Captain America 4, with the word being that the recently cast WWE superstar Seth Rollins would play one of the scaly squad.

A Peek at Captian America 4's Serpent Society

serpent society 2
Marvel Comics

Fans can now get a glimpse at Captain America: New World Order's team of villains, thanks to a new set video take from the production of the MCU blockbuster. 

The video sees two members of the Serpent Society shooting a scene on the Captain America 4 set, one being played by Seth Rollins and the other by a female actress whose identity remains a mystery. 

The pair of actors look to be wearing green and brown, akin to some of the looks of the band of villains from Marvel Comics

Serpent Society 1
Marvel Comics

However, these costumes look almost anchoritic in nature, rather than the typical superhero tights and spandex the character usually wear on the page. 

Who Are the Captain America 4 Villains?

It is rare that a single hero has to go up against a whole band of big bads, but it is looking like Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson will have his hands full in Captain America 4

Fans of the Serpent Society in the Marvel comics know that this super-villain team does not just stop at two, usually sporting a lineup of five or six. So, as production on New World Order rolls on, audiences should expect to get even more glimpses at this villainous roster of snake-themed antagonists. 

And it is not just the Serpent Society, Cap will have to contend with this time around. The Incredible Hulk villain The Leader played by Tim Blake Nelson is making his return after 16 years away from the franchise in Captain America 4, and there are even rumors that Harrison Ford's newly-reacted take on General Thunderbolt Ross could be an antagonistic force in the upcoming sequel. 

So, even outside of the Serpent Society, Anthony Mackie's shield-swinging supe will have plenty to deal with in Captain America: New World Order

Captain America 4 is set to hit theater screens on May 3, 2024.

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