Full Cast of Buying London on Netflix: Meet the Real People In 2024 Episodes (Photos)

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Netflix has another 2024 reality hit on its hands as audiences are introduced to Buying London's cast of charismatic real estate agents. 

The English Buying Beverly Hills spin-off follows real estate magnate Daniel Daggers and his London-based DDRE Global team of luxury realtors. 

While there are plenty of deals to be brokered and properties to be sold, what makes Buying London stand out is its focus on the agents as they navigate the interpersonal relationships between one another and the complicated real estate industry.

Meet the Characters From Netflix's Buying London

Daniel Daggers

Daniel Daggers in a pairs of black glasses and white suit in Buying London
Daniel Daggers

Daniel Daggers is the head honcho in Buying London. As a renowned real estate mogul based in London, Daggers is the boss at DDRE Global, bringing together this team of agents to deal in some of The Big Smoke's most luxurious properties. 

Going by the nickname 'Mr. Prime Time,' Dagger has worked in real estate for years, starting as a lowly agent selling studio flats in the heart of London. He has gone on to start his award-winning real estate group. 

Oli Hamilton

Oli Hamilton fixing his tie in a blue suit with long brown hair in Buying London
Oli Hamilton

Bringing a bit of old-school panache to the DDRE Global team is Oli Hamilton. Hamilton is an agent known for his propensity for English high society and smooth-talking silver tongue. 

While he used to be one to hit the club as something of a party animal, Hamilton has since settled down and is married to his wife, Vivi. 

Reme Nicole

Reme Nicole in a green dress smiling and posing for the camera in Buying London
Reme Nicole

Reme Nicole joins Buying London as the youngest agent on the cast. Nicole is a 21-year-old rookie trying to make a name for herself in the real estate game. 

As the office newbie, Nicole constantly tries to impress DDRE owner Daniel Daggers. Despite her young age, she is determined to stand out among the team and cement herself among London's biggest and brightest real estate stars. 

Lauren Christy

Lauren Christy in a star-covered suit in Buying London
Lauren Christy

Lauren Christy is one of the top agents at DDRE and causes drama within the office as her colleagues believe there might be some favoritism coming her way from their boss, Daniel. 

Christy is South African and joins the series believing she deserves the absolute best properties the agency has to offer, even if it means leaving some of her fellow agents in the dust. 

Rosi Walden

Rosi Walden in a white suit in Buying London
Rosi Walden

Born and bred on the streets of Holland Park, London, Rosi Walden is one of the native Londoners on staff at DDRE. She is the office sweetheart who prides herself on knowing London better than anyone else on staff. 

While she clashes with Lauren over her colleague getting all the best properties, Walden is still fairly agreeable, willing to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with anyone in the office.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute

Rasa Bagdonaviciute wearing a blue suit and eye liner in Buying London
Rasa Bagdonaviciute

While some other agents may be more charming or have more impressive connections, Rasa Bagdonaviciute will out-hustle just about anyone in London real estate. 

Bagdonaviciute is an outspoken, no-BS kind of person, something that does not always jive with her coworkers.

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Juliana Ardenius

Juliana Ardenius wearing a black dress in Buying London
Juliana Ardenius

Juliana Ardenius is DDRE's in-house interior designer. Ardenius' job is to make the real estate brokerage's luxury properties look as good as they can to hopefully get an offer from prospective buyers. 

At work, Ardenius' primary goal is to make the firm's listing look as glamorous as possible, but outside the office, she is a known partier. 

Olivia Wayne

Olivia Wayne in a blue and white pin-striped top in Buying London
Olivia Wayne

Olivia Wayne is in charge of DDRE's ever-expanding online presence as the office's online content creator. A broadcaster by trade, she joined the real estate team to help represent the brand's values online. 

She is also, in many cases, the anchor of the group, being one of the few level-headed members of the DDRE team in an office that can get heated at times. 

Alex Bourne

Alex Bourne in a brown suit and white shirt in Buying London
Alex Bourne

If there were a villain in Buying London, it would be Alex Bourne. Bourne is a longtime friend of DDRE founder Daniel Daggers who finds himself working for a rival agency, chasing the same properties and clients that DDRE is. 

Despite Bourne and Daggers going back decades, when pen hits paper, the pair are not afraid to throw one another under the bus if it means getting the deal.

Buying London is now streaming on Netflix. 

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