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Super Rich Anna Kim and BamBam

Netflix's Super Rich in Korea showcases an exclusive look at five of the wealthiest individuals in Seoul. 

The new reality series highlights the daily lives of the super-rich as they spend their money without guilt. It also provides an overview of their reasons for settling in Seoul despite different backgrounds and countries. 

Super Rich in Korea premiered on Netflix on May 7.

Every Main Cast Member of Super Rich in Korea 


Cho Sae-ho

Cho Sae-ho as a panel member in Super Rich in Korea
Cho Sae-ho

Cho Sae-ho is a veteran comedian in South Korea who appeared in several variety shows like Roommate, Happy Together, We Got Married, and Living Together in Empty Room

The comedian made headlines in April 2024 after he announced that he is set to tie the knot with his girlfriend in October. Cho's girlfriend is later revealed to be nine years younger than him, with both of them falling in love over their mutual interest in fashion. 


BamBam in Super Rich in Korea

BamBam (whose real name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul) is a notable member of the K-pop group, GOT7. 

The Thai rapper and singer launched a solo career after releasing his EP (extended play) titled "Ribbon" in June 2021. 

BamBam then released his first studio album, Sour & Sweet, in March 2023, leading to his first world tour from September to November in several countries This saw him travel to South Korea, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and his home country, Thailand.


Mimi as a panel member in Super Rich in Korea

Mimi (Kim Mi Hyun) is one of the leading members of the K-pop girl group, Oh My Girl, serving as its main rapper. 

Oh My Girl is best known for their songs like "Dun Dun Dance," "Dolphin," "Secret Garden," and "Closer."

(Super Rich) Cast Members:

Aren Yoo 

Aren Yoo in Super Rich in Korea Episode 1
Aren Yoo 

Aren Yoo (Yoo He-ra) is Korea's client ambassador. 

As a client ambassador, Yoo (25) acts as "the bridge that links clients to brands." 

Yoo proudly shares in the confessional that her dressing room is bigger than her bedroom, mainly due to her interest in fashion. She said, "Pretty clothes make up 99% of [her] life."

In Super Rich in Korea Episode 1, Yoo reveals that she only wears her clothes once to truly make an impact. Aside from being wealthy, Yoo wants the world to think of her when talking about fashion. 

She is currently studying hotel management at Cornell University, an Ivy League University in New York. 

Yoo says that she wants to bring the biggest American fashion shows and host them in South Korea. 

David Yong

David Yong in Super Rich in Korea Episode 1
David Yong

David Yong is part of Singapore's Top 1% Super Rich. 

The 37-year-old CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings owns a private jet, a villa house in Singapore complete with a swimming pool and an elevator, and 11 elegant cars. 

David graduated from Bristol University in the United Kingdom. Aside from being the CEO, he is also a lawyer by training and the first son of a timber conglomerate in Asia. 

David came to Korea three years ago to start K-content investment due to his love and interest in K-pop. He hopes to serve as an important bridge in making Korean entertainment global. 

Teodoro Marani

Teodoro Marani in Super Rich in Korea Episode 1
Teodoro Marani

Teodoro Marani is an Italian entrepreneur who has been living in Seoul for three years. Teodoro's parents are the CEOs of Henry Beguelin, an Italian luxury fashion brand. 

Teodoro is also the founder of Loop Innovators, a luxury food and beverage trading company, and a part-time chef who holds cooking classes for the VIP members of Hyundai. 

Despite having rich parents, he receives no financial support from them, noting in the confessional that he wants to be financially independent.

Noor Naim 

Noor Naim in Super Rich in Korea Episode 1
Noor Naim 

Noor Naim, also known as Noor Stars, is an Iraqi-American living in Dubai. 

She is a content creator and a businessman known for being one of the top creators in the Middle East. Noor has over 50 million subscribers combined on her social media platforms.

Noor, 26, made history by having the first channel in the Middle East and North Africa to receive a Diamond Play button from YouTube (for reaching 10 million subscribers). She is also the first Arab woman to create content in Arabic. 

Noor collects bags, noting in Episode 1 that she "cares a lot" about them. 

She also loves Korea and she is currently working to get a house "because [her] soul is in Seoul."

Anna Kim

Anna Kim in Super Rich in Korea Episode 2
Anna Kim

Anna Kim was born in Pakistan, but she has a Korean nationality (which she achieved 10 years ago). 

Anna's husband, Malik, hails from a royal family in Pakistan, making her a noblewoman. 

She reveals that she has a home, a vacation home in Lahore, and a manor in Pakistan. Anna even has a pet lion and tiger in her home country. 

Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana

Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana in Super Rich In Korea Episode 2
Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana

Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana is Anna's husband and a member of a noble family from Pakistan who appears in Super Rich in Korea Episode 2.

All episodes of Super Rich in Korea are now streaming on Netflix.

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