Full Cast of Selling the OC Season 3: Meet the Real People In New 2024 Episodes

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Selling The OC Season 3 main cast members

Selling the OC is back for more episodes in 2024, with its cast of luxury realtors returning for Season 3. 

Set as a spin-off of the beloved Netflix reality series Selling Sunset, Selling the OC takes the high-stakes drama of selling opulent properties from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the laid-back sun-kissed beaches of Orange County. 

The series centers on the Oppenheim Group and its colorful group of real estate agents, following them in their personal and professional endeavors. 

Every Main Character in Selling The OC Season 3

Jason Oppenheim

Jason Oppenheim smiling at the camera in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @jasonoppenheim

Jason Oppenheim has been seen on-screen in both Selling the OC and Selling Sunset. Oppenheim is one of the two founding partners of the luxury real estate agency at the heart of both Netflix reality series. 

He leads the series with his twin brother (and business partner) Brett as they operate their West Hollywood and Newport Beach realty offices. 

Brett Oppenheim

Brett Oppenheim wearing a green shirt and smiling in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @brettoppenheim

Starting the Oppenheim Group along with his twin brother Jason is Brett Openeheim. Known for being the boss (along with his astute fashion sense and near-identical appearance to his brother), Brett leads the Oppenheim team, guiding his employees in their home-selling endeavors. 

Brest has been named one of Los Angeles' top 25 real estate agents, giving him a name as big as some of his A-list clients. 

Alexandra Hall

Alexandra Hall in a white dress smirking at the camera in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @alexhalloc

Like any good businessperson, there is no hiding anything from Alexandra Hall. Known as one of Orange County's best realtors, Hall is direct, boisterous, and does not hold anything back. 

She grew up on a small farm in central California but has taken to city living, building up quite the career as a part of the Oppenheim Group. 

Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra Jarvis looking off-camera in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @thealexandrajarvis

Alexandra Jarvis is an Alabama-born 32-year-old who was drawn to the West Coast after a career change from attorney to high-end real estate agent. 

She describes herself as tenacious, hardworking, and with a solid backbone. Jarvis believes her legal background has given her a level of professionalism and class that will make her stand out at Oppenheim.

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @alexandraroseoc

Alexandra Rose comes from the world of sales and client services, jumping into realty head-first with the Oppenheim brothers. Unlike some of her fellow cast members, Rose is one of the more stoic agents in Selling the OC Season 3. 

Despite her professional nature, she is not afraid to let her quirks shine through, just as long as they do not get in the way of a negotiation. 

Alexandra Harper

Alexandra Harper smiling in a black top with a gold-chained purse on her arm in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @alexandra__harper

After joining the Selling the Sunset cast in Season 2, Alexandra Harper looks to further cement herself in the Orange County realty scene in Season 3. 

The former beauty queen from Nashville, Tennessee, Harper knows she still has plenty to learn but also feels more confident than she once did. 

Tyler Stanaland

Tyler Stanaland smiling shirtless on the beach in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @tylerstanaland

Tyler Stanaland comes from a long line of real estate agents, being a fifth-generation realtor from Laguna Beach, California. Selling homes is something Stanaland has always wanted to do. He got his license at 18 years old, hoping to honor the legacy of his family name. 

Stanaland wears his heart on his sleeve and is no stranger to the world of reality television. He calls himself a massive Bachelor fan.

Polly Brindle

Polly Brindle in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @pollybrindle

Polly Brindle traded in her life of traveling the world as an internationally known model for closing deals on the streets of Orange County. The former model moved to California in 2011 and has been a member of the Oppenheim Group ever since. 

While keeping things professional, Brindle thinks she is one of the most fun members of the O Group.

Lauren Shortt

Polly Brindle in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @thelaurenshortt

Lauren Shott has been a realtor for over seven years and has closed over 150 deals since then. She considers herself the group's mom, keeping the lions at bay when feuding breakouts among her coworkers. 

Shortt means business when she sits at the negotiating table, noting that the real estate business is not for the faint of heart. 

Kayla Cardona

Kayla Cardona smiling with her fingers crossed in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @mskaylacardona

Before joining the Oppenheim Group, Kayla Cardona made a name for herself as an agent on the online platform Zillow. On Zillow, she was in the top one percent of agents, turning profits seen by only a select few. 

The Santa Ana, Orange County native is 33, trains in boxing, and cannot stand bad drivers. 

Gio Helou

Gio Helou looking shocked in a red suit in Selling the OC

Instagram: @giovannehelou

Gio Helou was one of the first names signed on to join the Oppenheim Orange County (OC) office. He comes from the world of residential development, bringing his structural knowledge to every deal in the real estate game. 

Helou calls himself the shark of OC realtors, ready to take the names of anyone who gets in his way. 

Brandi Marshall

Brandi Marshall in a ribbed purple top in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @shesbrandimarshall

Brandi Marshall joined the Oppenheim team as a part of Selling the OC Season 2, previously working in public relations. Like any good realtor, Marshall is a master communicator, putting her PR past to work at the negotiating table. 

Growing up in Rialto, California, Marshall believes she brings a sense of realness to Oppenheim with the ability to see through fakeness. 

Sean Palmieri

Sean Palmieri laughing with a mug in his hand in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @sean.palmieri

Sean Palmieri has gone coast to coast in his career as a real estate agent. Starting as a realtor in Southern Florida, Palmieri made the cross-country trip to sell homes in the Golden State. 

Before joining the Oppenheim Group, Palmieri worked at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty and Coldwell Banker. 

Austin Victoria

Austin Victoria looking off-camera in a lilac poll in Selling the OC Season 3

Instagram: @austin_victoria

Selling homes as a part of Selling the OC is only part of Austin Victoria's life. He is a model, husband, and father of three who spends his days working with the rest of the Oppenheim team to close deals in one of North America's hottest real estate markets. 

Victoria joined the series in Season 2 but looks to continue his hot streak heading into Season 3, growing within the esteemed brokerage. 

Selling The OC Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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