Who Is Austin from Selling the OC? 6 Things to Know About Austin Victoria

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Austin Victoria Selling the OC

Austin Victoria has people talking after his shocking antics on Netflix's Selling the OC

The Selling Sunset spin-off just debuted its third season, following the prestigious luxury real estate brokerage known as the Oppenheim Group and its colorful cast of enterprising realtors. 

The reality series features plenty of deals being made for properties across Orange County, California. However, the story is just as much about the Oppenheim employees as they navigate each other professionally and personally.

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6 Things to Know About Selling the OC's Austin Victoria

Austin Victoria in Selling the OC

Austin Victoria Is a Dad

Outside of selling houses in sunny California, Austin Victoria is a dad to three children. 

The Glendora, California native has twin girls and a boy with his wife Lisa. 

The youngest, his son Aeson Quade, was born on April 25, 2024, as the pair joyfully welcomed their first baby boy into the family. 

On the birth of his son, Victoria told People, "We are over the moon in love with our new baby:"

"[It has been] emotional.We are over the moon in love with our new baby boy — he’s perfect. And daddy finally got a son!"

He continued, adding he was "proud" of his wife for "go[ing] all natural using no meds and giving birth the old-fashioned way:"

"I am so incredibly proud of my wife. She decided to go all natural using no meds and giving birth the old-fashioned way. It was intense and beautiful all at the same time. I’m convinced women have superpowers."

His two girls, Hazel and Luna, were born in 2020, and are four years old at the time of writing. 

Austin Victoria Is Married

Unlike some of his Selling the OC co-stars, Austin Victoria is spoken for romantically, as he has been married to Lisa Victoria since 2018. 

The pair first started dating in 2017 before tying the knot a year later, starting a family not too soon after that. 

Austin Victoria Used To Be a Model

Before getting into the world of luxury real estate, Austin Victoria was a male model. 

The 33-year-old has modeled since he was 16, appearing in promotional campaigns for major brands like Armani Exchange and American Eagle. Some fans may even recognize him as the cover model from L.J. Shen's 2019 romance novel, Pretty Reckless.

According to the six-foot-tall Netflix star, his modeling career kind of got its start by chance. 

Speaking in a 2016 interview with MMScene, Victoria pulled the curtain back, revealing he was originally scouted during a chance meeting while he and his mom "were eating lunch in Beverly Hills:"

"My mom and I were eating lunch in Beverly Hills for some reason.  Anyway, a scouter from Ford approached us and asked if I would swing by their office. Caught me off guard but I ended up signing that day."

Victoria still models from time to time and credits the career for getting him out of the "bubble" of small-town California:

"I come from a small town, Glendora, only about 40 minutes away from LA on a good day. It’s an amazing place but at the same time, it felt like a bubble to me. Which, in its own way, is beautiful. I am a wonderer though, so for me, modeling was a great way to give me that freedom. I feel I have become much more open-minded, I became a vegetarian [laughs], and I had the opportunity to see places and meet people that shaped a piece of me that wouldn’t have otherwise."

Austin Victoria Is an Outdoor Nut

When it comes to his life outside of selling houses and raising a family, Austin Victoria loves the outdoors. 

The Oppenheim Group employee spends his downtime getting out in the sun, maintaining a fit lifestyle while also chasing any adrenaline-inducing experience he can. 

In his conversation with MMScene, Victoria said, "I spend a lot of time outdoors," pointing to rock climbing and camping as as some of his favorite activities:

"I spend a lot of time outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, skydiving, and I love to camp amongst many other things."

Victoria believes that his outdoorsy lifestyle has helped him "become physically and mentally stronger," giving him an edge when sitting down at the bargaining table (via the Oppenheim Group's official website):

"Outside of Real Estate, Austin prides himself in being the best father and husband he can be. His passions, other than real estate, include living a healthy lifestyle and always pushing the boundaries to become physically and mentally stronger."

Austin Victoria Wants To Meet Leonardo DiCaprio

Working as a real estate agent in Orange County has meant Austin Victoria has gotten to rub shoulders with some of California's best and brightest, but there are a couple of names that have eluded him that he would love to meet one day. 

The biggest of these potential handshakes he would like to have is with Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 

According to Victoria, DiCaprio (along with Tesla owner Elon Musk) is number one on his list of celebrities he would like to meet because of his "conscious[ness] of our footprint on earth" (via MMScene):

"Elon Musk, Leonardo DiCaprio, these guys are wealthy indeed but they are conscious of our footprint on earth and actually do something about it!"

Austin Victoria Has Over 100,000 Instagram Followers

Even before he joined the cast of Selling the OC in Season 2, Austin Victoria built up quite a social media following. 

The model-turned-realtor has over 110,000 followers on Instagram, as he offers fans a peek behind the curtain at what goes into his everyday life. 

While promoting his Netflix series on the platform, he also keeps fans up to date with the going ons of the Victoria household while also showing off some of his latest listings and sales. 

How To Follow Austin Victoria on Social Media

Fans looking to follow Austin Victoria from Selling the OC on social media can do so on X (formerly Twitter) at @Austin_Victoria and on Instagram at @austin_victoria.

Selling the OC Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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