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Simone Baldasseroni Tearsmith

Simone Baldasseroni starred in Netflix's The Tearsmith movie, which introduced the Italian actor to international audiences for the first time. 

Based on the novel by Erin Doom, the Italian-language teen romance debuted on the streamer in early April. It follows a pair of damaged teens who "are taken in by the same family and forced to reckon with a destructive love that could be the undoing of them both."

Baldasseroni plays Rigel Wilde, one of the film's central teenage orphans. He has previously appeared in other Italy-based productions like Crazy for Football and L'amor fuggente.

4 Things To Know About The Tearsmith's Simone Baldasseroni

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Simone Baldasseroni's Rapper Alter Ego Is Biondo

Fans of the Italian music scene will recognize Simone Baldasseroni as his alter-ego Biondo (Italian for Blonde). 

The 26-year-old (born December 19, 1998) has been making a splash on the Italian airwaves with his hip-hop stylings. 

Balasseroni revealed he has been singing since he "was about 12 years old," getting started as he thought he "could express [his] thoughts through music" (via Vestal Magazine):

"I started singing when I was about 12 years old. At the time, I felt that I could express my thoughts through music, and I guess it all started from there. I released my first ever record when I was 16 years old. Fast forward a couple of years later, and I’m still here creating music."

His music career dates back to 2015 with the debut of his first single, "Quattro mura."

He also has released four studio albums as Biondo (Dejavu in 2018, Ego in 2018, 3:33 in 2022, and cattive abitudini in 2023). 

Simone Competed in a Music Competition in 2019

After a couple of years as a working musician and two full-length albums, Simone Baldasseroni competed in a music competition in 2019. 

The Rome native appeared as one of the participants in 2019's Sanremo Musical Festival. 

It is the most popular singing competition in the country, seeing musicians perform and get awarded based on new songs only. 

The songs are selected by a committee, focusing on Italian language music, and then the three highest-voted musicians and songs win awards. 

Baldasseroni performed his song "Parole Nuove" on the fourth evening of the competition, placing 23rd out of 24 participants.

His Sanremo Musical Festival performance can be seen on Instagram.

Simone's Favorite Artists Include Harry Styles & Drake

Simone Baldasseroni wears his influences on his sleeve, citing Harry Styles and Drake as his favorite artists. 

In a profile on the actor in Vestal Magazine, Baldasseroni said he "[tries] to keep [his] ears open to as much music" but has a soft spot for "Drake, Post Malone, Harry Styles, Chris Brown, and ZAYN:"

"As a musician, I try to keep my ears open to as much music as I can, so, as a result, I have many favorite artists for each music genre. My favorite ones include Drake, Post Malone, Harry Styles, Chris Brown, and ZAYN."

He said that, like these other musicians, his style has (and will continue to) change as he advances in his career. 

"In the beginning, I was only doing R&B and hip-hop," but heading into his next album, Baldasseroni is redoing some "experimenting:"

"My fans will listen to a new type of music on my upcoming album. In the beginning, I was only doing R&B and Hip-Hop, but over the course of the last months, I started experimenting with new genres such as Soul and Jazz. My album features various sounds and topics, such as personal growth, which I hope fans will relate to and enjoy."

Simone Had the Chance To Work With His Favorite Actor

Despite still being quite young, Simone Baldasseroni is proud to have already worked with his favorite actor. 

He has been passionate in saying that the Italian star of the screen, Marco Giallini, is one of his favorites working in the industry. 

"Some of my favorite actors are Leonardo Di Caprio and Marco Giallini," the Tearsmith star told Vestal Magazine, adding that he worked with Giallini on Per Il Tuo Bene:

"Some of my favorite actors are Leonardo Di Caprio and Marco Giallini. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Marco Giallini on a previous project called 'Per Il Tuo Bene,' which I am incredibly grateful for."

Talking about some of his past projects, specifically his role in 2021's Crazy for Football, Baldasseroni said, that like his influences in acting, he takes on a regiment of intense prep and finds it hard "detaching [himself] from the character and getting back to everyday life:"

"Absolutely. I portray a character named Tommaso, and, as you pointed out, the story is based on reality, so I had to keep that in mind throughout filming. The movie is only about 1 hour and 30 minutes long but what people don’t know is the period of intense preparation that was done behind the project. I had difficulty detaching myself from the character and getting back to everyday life after we finished filming because I felt emotionally attached to Tommaso and who he was as a person."

How To Follow Simone Baldasseroni Online

Fans looking to keep up with Simone Baldasseroni on social media can do so on Instagram

The Tearsmith is streaming now on Netflix. 

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