Who Is Jayden Revri? 5 Things to Know About Dead Boy Detectives Actor

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Jayden Revri Dead Boy Detectives

Jayden Revri is one of the breakout stars of Netflix's Dead Boy Detectives series. 

The DC Comics streaming adaptation features Revri as Charles Rowland, one-half of the series' titular supernatural sleuthing duo. The duo consists of two dead young men who decide to stay on Earth to investigate paranormal happenings instead of passing on into the afterlife. 

Revri comes into the show off his appearance in Netflix's Fate: The Winx Saga as a recurring Season 2 character, Devin.

5 Things To Know About Dead Boy Detectives' Jayden Revri

Dead Boy Detectives' Jayden Revri

Jayden Revri's Acting Journey Began with The Lion King

Of all things, Jayden Revri has The Lion King to thank for kickstarting his acting journey.

The 24-year-old (born May 16, 1999) revealed he "was scouted by an agency at [his] Year 6 production of The Lion King" where he appeared as Simba (via Tresa Magazine):

"I was scouted by an agency at my Year 6 production of 'The Lion King' after securing the role of Simba. I then joined the agency, after gaining further experience at Stagecoach, which I attended for four years."

From there, he started taking acting seriously, attending Stagecoach Performing Art School to hone his skills for the stage and screen. 

Jayden's Breakout Role Was on Disney's The Lodge

After joining an agency in his teenage years, Jayden Revri's big break came on the Disney Channel original series, The Lodge

The London native starred as Noah in all 25 episodes, working alongside Luke Newton (Bridgerton) and Sophie Simmett (Poldark). The teen comedy follows a young girl taking over her grandfather's lodge and befriending its teenage staff. 

On his time working on The Lodge, Revri told Tresa Magazine in 2017 that despite the cast coming in not knowing each other, they ended up feeling like "such a close family:"

"I had met all of the guys through the audition process at some point, but none of us actually knew anyone on a first name basis beforehand. I guess it makes it even better as we all started the journey together and have become such a close family since, I can personally say it feels like I’ve known them my whole life!"

He called working on the series "a dream come true" as he combined his love of acting, singing, and dancing:

"I had always had an interest in acting, singing and dancing, so it was amazing when the opportunity arose to play a character in a show that encompassed all three skills. Playing a leading role in a musical drama series was just a dream come true and I really feel that my acting, singing and dancing skills have all improved since working on 'The Lodge,' partly due to the amazing training we were provided."

Jayden's Acting Inspiration is Zac Efron

Jayden Revri is not shy about who inspired him to enter the world of acting. He cites High School Musical star Zac Efron as a major influence.

Speaking alongside his The Lodge co-star Jade Alleyne on the Young BAFTA YouTube channel, Revri said Efron's transition from "Disney kid" to "[working] in big Hollywood movie" is something he wants to emulate:

"My inspiration is Zac Efron. That was because he was obviously a Disney kid, and he has gone on to be in big Hollywood movies. That is what I want to do."

He also wears some of his favorite films on his sleeve, crediting Rob Reiner's 1985 classic The Goonies as a particularly treated one from his younger years. 

Jayden Used to Make Music

While fans may know Jayden Revri for his on-screen work, he has a past in the musical world. 

Revri released music for several years up until 2018, collaborating with a musician known as Heartz. 

His music has since been removed from Spotify and is not available to stream anywhere. However, he still has posts on his Facebook page advertising some of his musical work as it was being released.  

Jayden Had a Wild Dead Boys Detectives Audition Process

According to Jayden Revri, he went through a wild audition process to land a role on Netflix's Dead Boy Detectives series. 

Detailing what went into booking the DC streaming show, he told Collider he was never planning on auditioning for the series himself:

"I was actually away filming another Netflix series, called 'Fate: The Winx Saga,' at the time. My colleagues were all getting auditions for this show, but I was actually auditioning for something completely different at the time. When they said, 'Jayden, can you come help me read for this role?,' I was like, 'Yeah, sure.'"

However, it was after reading a couple of scenes for his friends' auditions that he "went to call [his] agent:"

"But when I got to reading the character, I was like, 'Who is this character? What is this project?' I went to call my agent and I literally pulled up and clicked on his name on my phone, and as I was about to press call, he started calling me. I was like, 'That’s so strange.' And he said to me, 'Look, we’re gonna scrap this audition because you’ve got an audition for 'Dead Boy Detectives' to play Charles.'"

He laughed because as he was "literally gonna call [his agent]," they called him:

" And I said, 'It’s so crazy, I was literally gonna call you and ask if I could audition for this role.' So, I did the audition and, within a couple of days, I was doing chemistry reads with different Edwins and Crystals. And then, I was actually cast probably two week later, in June or July of 2021."

The process picked up fast, getting cast and doing chemistry reads with various other actors. 

He remembered reading one scene with co-stars Kassius Nelson and George Rextrew where they nailed it for the first time. After finishing the read, the director of the pilot, Lee Kreiger, told the young stars, "Let’s put that in the show:"

"It was great for me because I then got to do the chemistry reads with the different Edwins and Crystals, and all I can remember is me, George and Kassius [Nelson] reading with each other. Lee Krieger, our wonderful director of the pilot, just said, 'Let’s put that in the show.' The rest was kind of history."

How To Follow Jayden Revri Online

Fans can follow Jayden Revri online on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.

Dead Boy Detectives is streaming now on Netflix. 

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