Who Is Marlo Kelly? 6 Things to Know About 3 Body Problem Actress

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Marlo Kelly in 3 Body Problem

One of Netflix's latest series, 3 Body Problem, features an ensemble cast, including rising star Marlo Kelly who plays Tatiana. 

Based on Liu Cixin's Chinese novel The Three-Body Problem, Alexander Woo and Game of Thrones' David Benioff and D.B. Weiss created the mysterious, eight-episode sci-fi series where scientists race the clock to save the world. 

Playing 3 Body Problem's protective Tatiana is up-and-coming Australian actress, Marlo Kelly. 

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6 Facts About 3 Body Problem's Marlo Kelly

Marlo Kelly in 3 Body Problem
Marlo Kelly

Landed Her Breakout Role at 18 Years Old

After being discovered in a play at her Sydney high school, Marlo Kelly was cast in a long-running Australian soap opera, Home and Away, where she played Skye Peters from 2015 to 2016.

3 Body Problem Is Marlo Kelly's 5th TV Series

After Home and Away, Marlo starred in Patricia Moore and Dare Me. 

It was after she played Jamie Murdock in Netflix's Joe vs. Carole that the young star landed the role of Tatiana for 3 Body Problem

Was Told Not To Go to Drama School

In an interview with the Casting Guild of Australia, Marlo shared she always thought she would go to drama school as "I always wanted to be an actor. That wasn't anything else I planned to do with my life."

But after she was discovered, her agent told her, "Don't go to drama school. Give me on year:"

"Give me a year. Don't go to drama school. Give me one year. Because her attitude was don't fix what's not broke. And I was like, 'Okay, I don't know what else to do but sure. So we did.' I very fortunately booked 'Home and Away' quite quickly after that. So my training was that."

Has Best Advice for Handling Rejection

When asked how she deals with rejection, Marlo explained her own unique approach to auditions and how it helps her to the Casting Guild of Australia, saying, "the auditions I do best at" are when I "love the project so much that I don't care if it's not me:" 

"By recognizing that there's so much of it you can't control. At the end of the day, it's not really about you. It's just about recognizing that you want them to make the best project possible. And, if that doesn't mean that you're the right person, then that's ok. I've always found that the auditions I do best at are when I have gone in with the genuine mindset that I love the project so much that I don't care if it's not me."

Had to Learn Cheerleading for First U.S. Role

Marlo Kelly's first U.S. role was Dare Me, a teen drama cheerleading thriller which ran from 2019-2020. 

However, Marlo knew little about cheer since, in a chat with PIX11 News, she revealed it "really isn't a big thing" in Australia and "they didn't have it at my high school."

In addition to cheer training, she and her Dare Me cast mates also had to work on their American accents and had a dialect coach who would "sit on set with us every day" and "give us notes:"

"We had this really beautiful dialect coach Aria who would sit on set with us every day and listen with her headphones and coming running in and give us notes when we made mistakes."

Journaling Is Part of Marlo Kelly's Acting Process

When asked how she approaches her characters and how she prepares, Marlo confessed (via the Casting Guild of Australia), "I journal a lot for characters. I do a lot of writing:"

"I journal a lot for characters. I do a lot of writing. I also tend to read books around the same subject matter or experiences as the characters to kind of gain insight through that... and then when it gets time to break down script and do the work, there's a whole extra layer that's built back there." 

How To Follow Marlo Kelly Online

For more updates about Marlo, fans can follow her on Instagram (@marlokelly)

3 Body Problem premiered March 21, 2024, on Netflix.

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