Full Cast of The Tearsmith Netflix Movie - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Tearsmith, Caterina Ferioli as Nica Dover, Simone Baldasseroni as Rigel Wilde

Simone Baldasseroni and Caterina Ferioli lead the remarkable Italian cast of The Tearsmith

The new film from Netflix is based on Erin Doom's novel of the same name. It depicts the story of two teenagers named Nica and Rigel who grow up together in an orphanage. While they initially hate each other, the pair eventually fall in love, leading to major ramifications for their lives.

The Tearsmith premiered on Netflix on April 4.

Every Main Cast Member of The Tearsmith

Simone Baldasseroni - Rigel Wilde

Simone Baldasseroni as Rigel Wilde in The Tearsmith
Simone Baldasseroni

Simone Baldasseroni brings Rigel Wilde to life in The Tearsmith

Rigel grew up in an orphanage, where he often bullied Nica during their childhood. 

After they were adopted together as teenagers, though, Rigel and Nica became closer, leading to a passionate romance. 

Baldasseroni is a rapper and actor known for his roles in Cinquanta km Allora, Crazy for Football, and Vivere non è un gioco da ragazzi.

Caterina Ferioli - Nica Dover

Caterina Ferioli as Nica Dover in The Tearsmith
Caterina Ferioli

Caterina Ferioli stars as Nica Dover, a girl who is a huge fan of fairy tales. 

After losing her parents to a car accident, Nica becomes an orphan, leading to her stay at Sunny Creek Orphanage. 

Nica's ultimate dream is to have a family, and she believes she can one day.

The pivotal moment of The Tearsmith's story happened during dance night when Rigel saved Nica from being raped by one of their classmates. This instance led to a blossoming romance.

The Tearsmith is Ferioli's first major acting credit. The actress is about to star in another project named Belcanto, which is now in production.

Sabrina Paravicini - Margaret Stoker

Sabrina Paravicini as Margaret Stoker in The Tearsmith
Sabrina Paravicini

Sabrina Paravicini plays Margaret Stoker, the head of the Sunny Creek Orphanage. 

Margaret's strict attitude toward the children staying at the orphanage is unfortunate as she always gives Nica a hard time. 

She also has no sense of concern toward them except for Rigel (her favorite). 

Paravicini's most recognizable role is playing Marta in I Hate Christmas. The actress also appeared in Succede and Thou Shall Not Kill.

Alessandro Bedetti - Lionel

Alessandro Bedetti as Lionel in The Tearsmith
Alessandro Bedetti

Lionel (played by Alessandro Bedetti) is a student at the new school where Rigel and Nica attend after being adopted by the Milligans. 

Lionel is a bully and has set his sights on Nica. During dance night, he makes a move on Nica by trying to take advantage of her, but Rigel steps in to save the day. 

Bedetti has credits in Headshot and Those About to Die.

Roberta Rovelli - Anna Milligan

Roberta Rovelli as Anna Milligan in The Tearsmith
Roberta Rovelli

Roberta Rovelli appears in the new Italian Netflix movie as Anna Milligan. 

Anna and her husband decide to adopt Nica and Rigel after losing their only son. She gives the pair of teenagers the love and care they deserve.

Rovelli previously appeared in Zero, I Am The Abyss, and Alaska.

Orlando Cinque - Norman Milligan

Orlando Cinque as Norman Milligan in The Tearsmith
Orlando Cinque

Norman Milligan is Anna's husband who agrees to adopt Nica and Rigel to start fresh after losing their son. The character is played on-screen by Orlando Cinque. 

While Norman is a loving parent like Anna, he isn't vocal in expressing his true feelings when the situation gets tough. 

Cinque's notable credits include Amnesia, Into the Labyrinth, and Vanina.

Eco Andriolo - Adeline

Eco Andriolo as Adeline in The Tearsmith
Eco Andriolo

Eco Andriolo joins the cast of The Tearsmith as Adeline.

Adeline is Nica's only friend at Sunny Creek Orphanage, and she stays by her side despite Margaret's dictatorial nature. 

Andriolo can be seen in The New Pope, Baby, and Romanzo Siciliano

Nicky Passarella - Billie

Nicky Passarella as Billie in The Tearsmith
Nicky Passarella

Nicky Passarellla's Billie is Nica's first friend in her new school after being adopted by the Milligan couple. 

The Tearsmith is Passarella's first major acting credit.

Sveva Romana Candelletta - Miki

Sveva Romana Candelletta as Miki in The Tearsmith
Sveva Romana Candelletta

Miki (played by Sveva Romana Candelletta) is Nicky's best friend who confesses her love to her during dance night. After the surprising confession, the friends had a falling out. 

Candelletta can be seen as Febe D'Avila in Fantasmagoria.

Juju Di Domenico - Asia

Juju Di Domenico as Asia in The Tearsmith
Juju Di Domenico

Juju Di Domenico plays Asia, the lover of Anna and Norman's dead son, Alan. 

In the movie, Asia reminds Nica that she is not there to replace Alan in the Mulligan family. Instead, she is her own person and must accept that a fresh start is always needed. 

Di Domenico previously appeared in Curon, Black Out - Vite Sospese, and Che Dio Ci Auti

The Tearsmith is now streaming on Netflix.

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