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Cat and Dog, Netflix's newest movie in 2024, showcases a strong cast of talented French voice actors. 

Cat and Dog chronicles the unlikely team-up of a cat lover and a master thief to search for their missing pets that escaped from their cages in an airport. 

The film premiered on Netflix in the U.S. on March 15. 

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Cat and Dog Movie

Franck Dubosc - Jack

Franck Dubosc as Jack
Franck Dubosc

Franck Dubosc leads Cat and Dog's cast as Jack, a thief best known as "The Cat" who is responsible for stealing the Candy Apple Ruby from a Montreal museum. 

After the famous ruby is swallowed by a stray dog, Jack must do everything in his power to retrieve it. However, things get complicated when Brandt catches up to him at the airport. 

Dubosc is best known for his roles in Rolling to You, Camping, and Asterix at the Olympic Games.

Reem Kherici - Monica

Reem Kherici as Monica
Reem Kherici

Reem Kherici brings Monica to life in 2024's Cat and Dog

Monica is Diva's sassy owner, and she wants the attention her cat gains from social media and the rest of the world. 

Monica makes a scene after seeing Diva and the dog come flying outside the plane after the cat's panic attack, leading them (including Jack) to miss their flight.

Kherici can be seen in Colombiana, Paris or Perish, and Wedding Unplanned.

Philippe Lacheau - Brandt

Philippe Lacheau as Brandt
Philippe Lacheau

Brandt is an animal-hating lieutenant from Montreal Police who will stop at nothing to catch Jack. The character is voiced by Philippe Lacheau. 

Brandt exhibits charming bravado and a tenacious personality, yet he seems unfit to chase down the bad guys.

Lacheau previously appeared in Babysitting, Superwho?, and City Hunter.

Inès Reg - Diva

Inès Reg, Diva
Inès Reg

Inès Reg voices Diva, an influencer cat who wants nothing but fame. 

In Cat and Dog, Diva stays in a cage despite her celebrity status while boarding a flight to New York. 

Diva forms a bond with the stray puppy, Chichi, that swallowed the jewel, leading to an unexpected friendship between the pair. 

Reg has credits in Un gars, Une fille and LOL, qui rit, sort!

Artus - Chichi

Artus, Chichi

Artus is the voice of Chichi, the stray puppy.

Chichi is a compassionate and funny puppy who loves to protect Diva from the dangers of the outside world. 

After escaping the airport, Chichi and Diva try to find their way back to their respective owners.

Artus' notable credits include Apaches and The Bureau

Raphaëlle Fugère Larocque - Lizzie

Raphaëlle Fugère Larocque as Lizzie
Raphaëlle Fugère Larocque

Lizzie (played by Raphaëlle Fugère Larocque) appears in Cat and Dog as Diva's self-proclaimed biggest fan who wants to take her home and rename her Smokey the Fourth. 

In addition to Cat and Dog, Larocque's other major acting credit is appearing as a neighbor in Coco Ferme.

Oscar Desgagnés - Albert

Oscar Desgagnés as Albert
Oscar Desgagnés

Oscar Desgagnés joins the cast as Albert. 

In the latter half of the movie, Albert encounters Chichi in the woods and helps him find a way to return to his owner (Jack). 

Fans may recognize Desgagnés for his roles in Plan B and Coco Ferme.

Lénie Scoffié - Sister Ucque

Lénie Scoffié as Sister Ucque
Lénie Scoffié

Lénie Scoffié's Sister Ucque is one of the nuns who meets Monica and Jack along the way after learning that Diva and Chichi are stuck in the school. 

Sister Ucque appears to be the head of the all-girls school, hastily telling Jack that men are not allowed on the premises. 

Scoffié is known for her roles in The Core, The Score, and Bye-Bye.

Laurence Laprise - Sister Alice

Laurence Laprise as Sister Alice
Laurence Laprise

Laurence Laprise stars as Sister Alice, the other nun who encounters Monica and Jack upon their arrival in the all-girls school. 

Cat and Dog is Laprise's first major acting credit.

Cat and Dog is now streaming on Netflix in the United States.

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