Full Cast of I Hate Christmas Season 2 - Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears (Photos)

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The cast of Netflix's I Hate Christmas Season 2 brings back series mainstays led by famous Italian actress Pilar Fioglati. 

I Hate Christmas' sophomore run continues Gianna's (Pilar Fioglati) quest to find love after her relationship in Season 1 went awry, diving deep into her questionable decisions, and welcoming new people into her life. 

The series made its debut on Netflix on December 7, 2022, with Season 2 premiering one year later. 

Every Main Actor & Character in I Hate Christmas Season 2 

Pilar Fogliati - Gianna

Pilar Fogliati as Gianna in I Hate Christmas
Pilar Fogliati

Gianna is a charming nurse and hopeless romantic trying to find love during the holidays. The character is played by Pilar Fogliati. 

In Season 1, Gianna creates a plan to bring a boyfriend home so that her family stops questioning her about it. However, her plan is derailed when several crazy and despicable suitors start entering her life. 

At the end of I Hate Christmas' debut season, Gianna isn't able to bring a pretend boyfriend to her house, inviting her friends instead.

Season 2 starts with Gianna at a crossroads, with her being confused if she will ever find love. However, the trailer suggests that a newfound admirer is set to change her life soon. 

Fogliati is best known for her roles in Romantiche, Un passo dal cielo, and Cuori.

Nicolas Maupas - Davide

Nicolas Maupas as Davide in I Hate Christmas
Nicolas Maupas

Nicolas Maupas returns in I Hate Christmas Season 2 as Davide.

Davide is a 19-year-old high-schooler who matched with Gianna on a dating app from Season 1. While the pair happily date throughout the debut season, Davide eventually ghosts her. 

Maupas is an up-and-coming Italian actor who has credits in Un professor, The Sea Beyond, and Nudes.

Fiorenza Pieri - Margherita

Fiorenza Pieri as Margherita in I Hate Christmas
Fiorenza Pieri

Margherita (played by Fiorenza Pieri) is Gianna's sister who slept with her co-worker, Nina, in Season 1. The character is also having troubles at home since she is overworked and her husband does not appreciate her. 

Pieri previously appeared in Don Matteo, Italian Justice, and Blanca.

Beatrice Arnera - Titti

Beatrice Arnera as Titti in I Hate Christmas
Beatrice Arnera

Beatrice Arnera plays Titti, one of Gianna's friends who doesn't believe in love. She brags about not feeling any real love in her relationships, but that all changes when she develops something special with Gianna's former fling, Mario. 

Arnera's past notable credits include Solo per Amore, Bernoulli, and My Big Gay Italian Wedding.

Glen Blackhall - Umberto

Glen Blackhall as Umberto in I Hate Christmas
Glen Blackhall

Glen Blackhall's Umberto is a doctor and Gianna's colleague who attempts to date her in Season 1. In the opening moments of Season 2, it is revealed that Umberto and Gianna actually end up together. 

Blackhall is best known for his roles in the Titanic TV series, Visions, and Jump

Massimo Rigo - Pietro

Massimo Rigo as Pietro in I Hate Christmas
Massimo Rigo

Pietro is Gianna's father and Marta's husband. The character is played on-screen by Massimo Rigo. 

Aside from Gianna's complicated love life, Season 1 highlights the struggles of Pietro and Marta in their relationship. It is eventually revealed that the pair is on the verge of separation. 

Rigo previously had notable roles in Thou Shalt Not Kill, The Right Thing, and The Girl in the Fog.

Sabrina Paravicini - Marta

Sabrina Paravicini as Marta in I Hate Christmas
Sabrina Paravicini

Sabrina Paravicini plays Marta, Gianna's mother and Pietro's wife. 

Gianna resents Marta for not being able to show her love and compassion through the years. 

Paravicini is an actress and director known for her work in Alice and the Land That Wonders, Follow Your Dreams, and Longlasting Youth.

Simonetta Solder - The Caposala

Simonetta Solder as The Caposala in I Hate Christmas
Simonetta Solder

Simonetta Solder is the Caposala, Gianna's boss in the hospital. 

Solder has credits in Love Wedding Repeat, Mother of Tears, and Sbirri

Federico Calistri - Giulio

Federico Calistri as Giulio in I Hate Christmas
Federico Calistri

Federico Calistri joins the cast of I Hate Christmas Season 2 as Giulio, Gianna's brother whose life is turned upside down after finding out that his wife is pregnant again with twins in Season 2.

Calistri's past notable credits include roles in From Scratch, The Beautiful Summer, and Nina dei Lupi

Giulia Gonella - Silvia

Giulia Gonella as Silvia in I Hate Christmas
Giulia Gonella

Giulia Gonella is part of Season 2's cast as Silvia, Gianna's sister-in-law and Giulio's pregnant wife. 

I Hate Christmas is Gonella's first major acting credit.

Pierpaolo Spollon - Filippo

Pierpaolo Spollon as Filippo in I Hate Christmas
Pierpaolo Spollon

I Hate Christmas introduces newcomers to the show's heartfelt cast, and one of them is Pierpaolo Spollon. 

Spollon plays Filippo, Gianna's new neighbor and potential love interest in Season 2. At first, Gianna thought that he was a pedophile after catching him having dinner with a 15-year-old girl. 

It is later revealed that the girl, whose name is Monica, is his daughter.

Spollon is famous for his role as Emiliano Stiffi in Che Dio ci aiuti. The actor also appeared in The Red Door and Leonardo.

Jenny De Nucci - Stella

Jenny De Nucci as Stella in I Hate Christmas
Jenny De Nucci

Before We Say Goodbye and Phobia actress Jenny De Nucci is also part of I Hate Christmas' strong ensemble as Stella, Gianna's new patient and friend whom she meets in Season 2 Episode 2.

Stella helps Gianna to move on from her breakup with Umberto. 

De Nucci also appeared in Still Out of My League and Don Matteo.

Chiara Bono - Monica

Chiara Bono as Monica in I Hate Christmas
Chiara Bono

Chiara Bono joins the cast of I Hate Christmas Season 2 as Monica, Filippo's daughter who likes to joke about her mother being dead.

Aside from the Netflix series, Bono also has credits in Yara, Figli del destino, and Don Matteo.

Matteo Martari - Alessandro

Matteo Martari as Alessandro in I Hate Christmas
Matteo Martari

Matteo Martari is part of the long list of cast members of Season 2. The actor plays Alessandro, Titti's former lover. 

Thou Shalt Not Kill fans may recognize Martari for his role as Andrea Russo. The actor is also known for his appearances in Medici, Godard Mon Amour, and Cuori

Tommaso Basili

Tommaso Basili in I Hate Christmas
Tommaso Basili

Tommaso Basili is part of the stacked Italian cast of the series, playing Margherita's husband. The two attend couples therapy, in the hopes that they can resolve their issues.

Basili previously appeared in Ferrari, Devils, and Rise of Empires: Ottoman

All episodes of I Hate Christmas Season 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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