Full Cast of Equalizer 3: Every Main Actor & Character In Movie

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Denzel Washington, Equalizer 3

Sony's Equalizer 3 features a star-studded cast headlined by actors Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning.

The highly-anticipated third movie highlighted the return of Washington's Robert McCall alongside the debut of several newcomers, such as David Denman, Sonia Ammar, and Remo Girone.

Equalizer 3 is the franchise's final installment, with the film showing how McCall briefly goes into retirement before reverting to his vigilante ways to protect his friends. 

Every Actor & Character in Equalizer 3

1.) Denzel Washington - Robert McCall

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, The Equalizer 3
Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington reprises his role as a former United States Marine and DIA agent named Robert McCall. 

In The Equalizer 3, McCall is enjoying his retirement in southern Italy but is forced to go back into action after a Sicilian Mafia attacks his newfound home.

McCall is an expert combatant who takes down enemies in just a matter of nine seconds (or less), but the threequel's new threat suggests that he needs more than that amount of time to save everyone.

Washington is a famous actor with an impressive resume that includes roles in Philadelphia, Man on Fire, Training Day, and Magnificent Seven.

2.) Dakota Fanning - Emma Collins

Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning plays Emma Collins, a CIA agent who has past ties with McCall and eventually tracks him down in Italy. She is also well aware of the main protagonist's vigilante persona.

The Equalizer 3 serves as the much-awaited reunion between Washington and Fanning, considering that the pair were featured together in Man on Fire. In that movie, Washington's character was tasked to protect Fanning's Pita.

Fanning is known for her roles in I Am Sam, War of the Worlds, Charlotte's Web, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

3.) Eugenio Mastrandrea - Gio Bonucci

Eugenio Mastrandrea
Eugenio Mastrandrea

Eugenio Mastrandrea plays Gio Bonucci, a local police marshal who is one of the targets of the Sicilian Mafia.

Mastrandrea is an Italian actor best known for his roles in From Scratch, La Fuggitiva, and Balancing Act.

4.) David Denman - Frank Conroy

David Denman
David Denman

David Denman plays Frank Conroy, Emma Collins' supervisor from the CIA who gives her orders and asks about the drug-related incidents in Italy.

Denman is known for his roles in Brightburn, Joy Ride, and The Office.

5.) Gaia Scodellaro - Aminah

Gaia Scodellaro
Gaia Scodellaro

Gaia Scodellaro plays Aminah, a server from a restaurant who shows her admiration for McCall. The character helps McCall become familiar with the local cuisines and places of the area.

Scodellaro's credits include You, Me, and The Apocalypse, Watch Them Fall, and Andron.

6.) Remo Girone - Enzo Arisio

Remo Girone's headshot
Remo Girone

Remo Girone plays Enzo Arisio, a local doctor who helped McCall recover from his gunshot wound during the film's opening moments.

Arisio is aware that the Mafia exists in the city and allows McCall to stay in his house to protect him from the thugs.

Girone is an Italian actor known for his roles in The Jewel, My Name is Vendetta, and The Octopus.

7.) Andrea Scarduzio - Vincent Quaranta

Andrea Scarduzio
Andrea Scarduzio

Andrea Scarduzio portrays Vincent Quaranta, a dangerous Mafia leader who bullies the local folks in the small town where McCall resides.

Scarduzio is known for his roles in Hard Falling Night, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, and The Young Messiah.

8.) Andrea Dodero - Marco Quaranta

Andrea Dodero as Marco Quaranta, The Equalizer 3
Andrea Dodero

Andrea Dodero plays Marco Quaranta, Vincent's ruthless brother who also gives the townsfolk a good amount of trouble.

Dodero's past credits include Non odiare, Blocco 181, and The Good Mothers.

9.) Daniele Perrone - Angelo

Daniele Perrone's headshot
Daniele Perrone

Daniele Perrone plays Angelo, a restaurant owner who owes money to the Mafia.

Perrone is known for his roles in Baaria, Il nostro generale, and Ultimo carico.

10.) Zakaria Hamza - Khalid

Zakaria Hamza
Zakaria Hamza

Zakaria Hamza plays Khalid, the head chef of Angelo's restaurant.

Hamza has one other acting credit in Prisma.

11.) Manuela Tasciotti - Carmela

Manuela Tasciotti
Manuela Tasciotti

Manuela Tasciotti portrays Carmela in the threequel. 

Tasciotti is a theatre actress whose past credits include The Sweeney Todd musical, Sister Act musical, and A Christmas Carol

12.) Dea Lanzaro - Gabriella Bonucci

Dea Lanzaro
Dea Lanzaro

Dea Lanzaro plays Gabriella "Gabby" Bonucci, Gio's daughter who is also the Mafia's target. 

13.) Sonia Ben Ammar - Chiara Bonucci

Sonia Ben Ammar
Sonia Ben Ammar

Sonia Ben Ammar plays Chiara Bonucci, Gio's wife and Gabby's mother who is also the Mafia's target.

Ammar is a French-Tunisian model whose credits include Scream 5 and Megalopolis

14.) Alessandro Pess - Viking

Alessandro Pess
Alessandro Pess

Alessandro Pess plays Viking, one of the Mafia members who serve under the Quaranta clan. 

Pess' past credits include House of Gucci, Good and Evil, and Flight of the Innocent.

15.) Adolfo Margiotta - Chief Barella

Adolfo Margiotta
Adolfo Margiotta

Adolfo Margiotta plays Chief Barella, the local police chief who appears to be corrupt and cannot be trusted. 

The 65-year-old actor is known for his roles in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Bal-Can-Can, and Passi di danza.

16.) Niccolo Senni - Stefano

Niccolo Senni's headshot
Niccolo Senni 

Niccolo Senni portrays Stefano. 

Senni is an actor known for his roles in Zoolander 2, Anna, and Mission: Impossible III

17.) Bruno Bilotta - Lorenzo Vitale

Bruno Bilotta's headshot
Bruno Bilotta

Bruno Bilotta plays Lorenzo Vitale, a crime lord whose mansion was invaded by McCall in the film's opening moments, with him killing almost all of Vitale's goons. 

Bilotta is known for his roles in The Tourist, Double Team, and American Assassin

18.) Adriano Sabrie - Vitale’s Grandson

Adriano Sabrie portrays Vitale's unnamed grandson who shoots Robert in the back leading to his fatal injuries. 

19.) Melissa Leo - Susan Plummer

Melissa Leo as Susan Plummer, The Equalizer 3
Melissa Leo

Melissa Leo reprises her role as Susan Plummer. 

In The Equalizer 2, Plummer, Robert McCall's former DIA colleague and close friend, was killed, setting up McCall's quest for revenge in the sequel. 

Given that the character already died in the franchise, the threequel could utilize Leo's Susan Plummer via flashbacks. 

Leo is known for her roles in Prisoners, The Fighter, and Frozen River.

Equalizer 3 is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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