Full Cast of The Outreau Case on Netflix: Meet the Real People In 'French Nightmare' Docuseries (Photos)

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The Outreau Case

The Outreau Case, a brand-new docuseries on Netflix, brings a terrifying story to life behind its intriguing cast of real people.

Officially titled The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare, this French-language docuseries examines a disturbing criminal case centered on a pedophilia ring, which was said to take place between 1995 and 2000.

Over a dozen children were deemed victims of rape, sexual assault, and corruption, with over 50 people investigated for those crimes and 17 of them prosecuted in court.

Initially discovered when school teachers and social workers saw strange behavior from four children in the Delay-Badaoui family, those parents were reportedly responsible for heinous crimes against children in France.

The Real People Involved in The Outreau Case

Thierry Delay

Thierry Delay in The Outreau Case
Thierry Delay

The core subject of the documentary is a man named Thierry Delay, accused of a laundry list of sexual crimes including rape and child abuse.

His son appears in the docuseries and recalls him using bed slats to beat his children, and he also yelled at the kids and scared them while wearing a black cape and the classic white mask from Scream.

This recounting also notes how he would collect pornography and play it with his kids, even having sex with his wife in front of them as they were made to watch.

In 1993, he was convicted for the desecration of graves and exhibition of human skulls, only further showing how sick of an individual he was.

He denied any such allegations in chatting with one of the core investigators on the case.

Myriam Badaoui

Myriam Badaoui in The Outreau Case
Myriam Badaoui

Myriam Badaoui was married to Thierry Delay, living in the La Tour du Renard building in Outreau with her husband and kids.

Although she denied the same allegations levied against her husband, she previously called social services on him and confirmed he committed those acts in a later meeting.

She admitted to being sick and abusing her children, but she confused investigators as well with her back-and-forth allegations of who did what.

In the end, she confessed to abusing and raping multiple children, naming her husband and neighbors as culprits as well.

Fabrice Burgaud

Fabrice Burgaud in The Outreau Case
Fabrice Burgaud

Judge Fabrice Burgaud was the examining magistrate in the affair in Outreau, using his interview to detail the crimes committed by the couple at the center of the story.

He became a magistrate to be useful to others, working in an area of Outreau that had plenty of petty crime and drugs along with more disturbing crimes like rape and sexual assault.

He went to police raids of homes investigated in the case, and he was the one who found over 160 pornography tapes and 10 human skulls in Thierry Delay's home.

Pascale Fontaine

Pascale Fontaine in The Outreau Case
Pascale Fontaine

Pascale Fontaine is another magistrate who examined much of the evidence presented in the case.

Her interview shows her reading through some of the childrens' letters sent to the police, which detail some of the horrible abuse they suffered.

Fontaine explained how many of the kids were reluctant to speak up on the matter and truly express themselves, especially having to handle such horrible trauma at such a young age.

Claire Montpied

Claire Montpied in The Outreau Case
Claire Montpied

Claire Montiped is a fellow magistrate interviewed for the Outreau case alongside Fontaine.

She helps detail for viewers how the child victims of this case thought during their testimonies, as many were not able to tell their story linearly from start to finish.

Montiped looks back on seeing a tape of Thierry and Myriam openly having sex in front of at least one of their children, which was not an uncommon occurrence according to other testimonies.

Didier Beauvais

Didier Beauvais in The Outreau Case
Didier Beauvais

Didier Beauvais sits with Montiped and Fontaine in The Outreau Case as another experienced judge/magistrate looking at the events of this case.

Reading through testimonies from eyewitnesses and children involved with the case, he repeats quotes saying how kids were speaking quietly and unable to look up as they provided insight into their experience.

Later commentary from him gives more insight into the terrible crimes these children suffered before the adults were arrested and tried.

Marie-Christine Gryson

Marie-Christine Gryson in The Outreau Case
Marie-Christine Gryson

Marie-Christine Gryson is a psychological expert who was appointed to the Outreau case by Fabrice Burgaud.

An expert at reading people, her job was to decipher whether the children she spoke to were telling the truth about their horrific experiences, which she determined to be true.

Showing a profound respect for Buragud as he worked the case, she expressed great shock at how abominable some of the stories she heard from the victims were.

Fabienne Roy-Nansion

Fabienne Roy-Nansion in The Outreau Case
Fabienne Roy-Nansion

Fabienne Roy-Nansion provided legal counsel for David Deplanque, one of Tierry Delay's neighbors and another suspect, working as his lawyer during the case.

She was told during the case that Deplanque and his girlfriend were accused of statutory rape, and while he denied the crime, his girlfriend admitted it and confirmed what the Delays' children were saying.

Roy-Nansion read through a recounting of an incident where Delay forced his children to get involved with his and his mother's sexual exploits, calling it the first time she would ever encountered an incestuous woman in her career.

Laurent Renault

Laurent Renault in The Outreau Case
Laurent Renault

Laurent Renault was a journalist who wrote for La Voix du Nord as the case unfolded, even becoming the first person to write an article on what was happening.

He worked hard to find out more details as he called Burgaud about what was happening. However, Burgaud did not want to say much as they both knew how horrible the crimes were.

Renault later visited the building where everything was allegedly taking place, realizing that he could hear almost everything anybody said on any floor in the building. 

This is how he put together that many people in the building had to be involved in keeping the pedophilia ring quiet, finding a shocking number of child abuse cases.

Odile Polvèche

Odile Polvèche in The Outreau Case
Odile Polvèche

Odile Polvèche is Court Bailiff Alain Marecaux's ex-wife, both of them being indicted for crimes relating to this case.

Formerly working as a school nurse who loved her job, her lawyer described her as someone who had not looked like she had slept in days. She was also described as unprepared and dirty.

She denied being involved with the case, and she was appalled by some of the quotes she heard from kids who were abused.

Hubert Delarue

Hubert Delarue in The Outreau Case
Hubert Delarue

Hubert Delarue was a lawyer for Alain Marecaux, continually expressing astonishment that a case like this could be real throughout the documentary.

He made it clear that these kids were victims of incredibly traumatizing crimes and gave them his support, but he also recollected how wild their stories sounded due to what they had suffered.

Frank Berton

Frank Berton in The Outreau Case
Frank Berton

Frank Berton held a job as a lawyer for the previously mentioned Odile Polvèche, who seemed to be on the outside looking in regarding this case.

Early in the docuseries, he described this case as "the most sordid case in French history," cementing its place as one of the country's lowest moments.

Berton explained how his client denied knowing the Delay family and said she had never even been to Outreau, which is similar to how Polvèche described the events in her interviews.

Anne-Laure Barret

Anne-Laure Barret in The Outreau Case
Anne-Laure Barret

Anne-Laure Barret is another journalist who wrote about the events of the pedophilia ring in Outreau, documenting the testimonies she heard about the case.

Barret gave viewers a recount of March 6, 2001, when Judge Burgaud was involved in a round of arrests that ended with six people going to jail in separate police precincts.

She also described the feeling of the people who lived in Outreau, with half of the town reportedly accusing the other half of one crime or another after these arrests were made.

Olivier Rangeon

Olivier Rangeon in The Outreau Case
Olivier Rangeon

Olivier Rangeon held an important position as Daniel Legrand Jr.'s lawyer as Legrand attended a witness consultation with Delay and multiple other suspects in the case.

His client was emphatic and adamant that he was innocent of the accusations he faced, with Rangeon sharing how Legrand said he would be lying to the jury if he admitted to committing those crimes.

However, he later reads a confession from Legrand admitting to those very crimes, pointing out other suspects in pictures he looked at during his testimony and other meetings.

Eric Dupond-Maretti

Eric Dupond-Maretti in The Outreau Case
Eric Dupond-Maretti

Eric Dupond-Maretti worked as a lawyer for 36 years, including for Roselyne Godard in the Outreau case. He now works as the Attorney General, Minister of Justice.

Known as "The Acquitter," he built an impressive reputation for his work as detailed through past interviews, and he put in every effort to find the truth in the trial of the accused pedophiles.

Yves Crespin

Yves Crespin in The Outreau Case
Yves Crespin

Yves Crespin served as a lawyer for civil parties who worked as one of the prosecutors on the case, doing his best to find out what was happening with the pedophilia ring.

Noting how the defense attorneys were especially prepared to protect their clients, he made sure that the jury heard and believed the children who gave testimonies of what they had been through.

Stephane Chochois

Stephane Chochois in The Outreau Case
Stephane Chochois

Stephane Chochois' expertise comes through his job as the forensic doctor and expert at the court of St. Omer, the site of many crimes detailed in this docuseries.

Chochois looked at this case from the perspective of the children involved, commenting on how sad it is to see someone that young have to take the stand in court.

He also admitted how difficult it must be for those kids to have to speak about their parents being abusers in front of so many people, although he explained how people are more inclined to believe children than adults much of the time.

All four episodes of The Outreau Case, which debuted on March 15 on Netflix, are now streaming on the service.

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