Full Cast of What Jennifer Did on Netflix: Meet the Real People In New Documentary (Photos)

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What Jennifer Did, Netflix

The time has come to analyze the story in Netflix's new documentary, What Jennifer Did, including its cast of real people.

What Jennifer Did takes fans on a trip back to 2010 in Markham, Ontario, Canada, where a young girl's mother was shot and killed before her father was shot as well and went into a coma.

This all ties into an unexpected story involving drugs, lies, and deception, as fans learn who exactly was supposed to die and who was supposed to live.

What Jennifer Did debuted on Netflix on April 10.

Real People in the Cast of Netflix's What Jennifer Did

Jennifer Pan

Jennifer Pan in What Jennifer Did
Jennifer Pan

Jennifer Pan is a young Canadian girl who witnessed her mother being murdered and her father being shot in the head, describing her experience to the police after the incident.

However, as the documentary moves along, fans learn that Jennifer was not an innocent victim in this incident, revealing that she was involved in setting up this crime.

Lying to the police on numerous occasions, her endgame was to have the relationship she wanted with her boyfriend. She attempted to take her own parents' lives to get the life she wanted on her own, leaving viewers and other interviewees shocked.

Danny Wong

Danny Wong in What Jennifer Did
Danny Wong

Danny Wong is revealed to have been Jennifer Pan's ex-boyfriend, who was in a relationship with her for seven years.

Due to him being a drug dealer, Jennifer's parents were adamant that she not be with him, with investigators believing that he could be the reason her parents were targeted.

Even after finding himself in a relationship with another girl, his past with Jennifer caught up to him as he remained deeply entangled in her story and her parents' murder. 

Detective Bill Courtice

Detective Bill Courtice in What Jennifer Did
Detective Bill Courtice

Detective Bill Courtice worked as the lead investigator in the murder of Jennifer Pan's parents, being assigned to the case after hearing about a double shooting in the low-crime area of Markham.

His duty was to do a full analysis of Jennifer and her family as he worked to figure out the details of the crime and who was involved with the murder.

Admitting how difficult it is to get suspects and victims to discuss their trauma, he quickly gets to the bottom of the case, sharing his shock to find out who was really behind the Pan family's assault.

Detective Alan Cooke

Detective Alan Cooke in What Jennifer Did
Detective Alan Cooke

Detective Alan Cooke worked as the Homicide Investigator on the murder case surrounding Jennifer Pan and her parents.

Learning about her mother's murder and the injuries to her father, Cooke questioned whether there was something in Jennifer's or her parents' personal lives that led to the attack.

Inspector Fred Moffatt

Inspector Fred Moffatt in What Jennifer Did
Inspector Fred Moffatt

Inspector Fred Moffatt is an officer with the York Regional Police who appeared in one short clip detailing the incident at the Pans' house the night it happened.

He gave details to the press about everything that happened, confirming the homicide and the injury while explaining that they did not have much to go on at that time.

Detective Deborah Gladding

Detective Deborah Gladding in What Jennifer Did
Detective Deborah Gladding

Detective Deborah Gladding served as the Victim Liaison Officer, the main point of contact for victims in cases like this one, being on call for anybody involved to reach out to her.

She connected quickly with Jennifer as she helps her handle the trauma of her parents' murder

However, once she learned that Jennifer orchestrated the entire scheme, she surprisingly related to the killer and almost understood why she made those decisions.

Detective David MacDonald

Detective David MacDonald in What Jennifer Did
Detective David MacDonald

Detective David MacDonald is a Field Investigator who worked the case, initially conducting a large-scale canvass in and around the Pans' neighborhood after Jennifer's parents are killed.

He spent the hours and days after hearing about the case searching the area for both information and evidence that may be important to finding the identity of the real killer.

Hong Ngo

Hong Ngo in What Jennifer Did
Hong Ngo

Hong Ngo introduced herself as an old family friend of the Pan family, connecting to them through their shared Vietnamese background.

Sharing details about the family, she could not understand why the attack came their way, expressing heartfelt emotion after being at their house for get-togethers and dinner on numerous occasions.

Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen in What Jennifer Did
Nam Nguyen

Name Nguyen is a friend of Jennifer's who attended high school with her, often going skating together or to the movies and describing her as somebody great to talk to.

He described feeling uneasy about her relationship with Danny, noting how things started great before their emotions ranged wildly high or low with each other all the time.

Speaking on the high-stress atmosphere he, Jennifer, and their classmates experienced in high school, he saw the toll it took on his friend as her relationship with her parents devolved.

Fernando Baldassini

Fernando Baldassini in What Jennifer Did
Fernando Baldassini

Fernando Baldassini was Jennifer's piano teacher throughout her youth, hosting the young girl at his house for lessons once her parents got more strict with her schedule.

He described her as an exceptional pianist, recalling her winning countless awards as her parents spent thousands of dollars on competitions where she performed excellently.

He also saw the ramifications of her parents getting more strict with her, witnessing her sobbing with him on multiple occasions as she wanted to keep her relationship with her boyfriend alive.

What Jennifer Did is now streaming on Netflix.

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