Full Cast of Girls5eva Season 3 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Girls5eva makes its long-awaited return for Season 3 in 2024 as the series' beloved cast of actors and their characters continue the story on Netflix.

Initially running on Peacock for its first two seasons, Girls5eva highlighted a one-hit-wonder female band from the 1990s who surprisingly saw a revival after one of their songs was sampled by a new artist.

The series was canceled in June 2022 after its second season premiered, but Deadline confirmed its return on Netflix in October 2022.

Six new episodes premiered on the new network with Season 3's arrival on March 14.

Every Character & Actor in Girls5eva's Season 3 Cast

Sara Bareilles - Dawn

Sara Bareilles as Dawn in Girls5eva
Sara Bareilles

Grammy-winning recording artist and actress Sara Bareilles, who portrays Dawn Solano, is front and center for Girls5eva (both the series and the band).

Describing herself as the "chill one" in the band, she also has experience working at her brother's Italian restaurant. She raises her son alongside her husband while bringing her band back to the forefront. She's also sold her music to other singers to keep an income, although Season 2 sees the group go on a new tour in the final episode while Dawn is pregnant with another child.

Outside of her award-winning career as a popstar and a guest appearance on Community, Bareilles also has several stage credits. This includes the leading role of Jenna Hunterson in The Waitress on Broadway and the West End and roles in The Little Mermaid and Into the Woods

Busy Philipps - Summer

Busy Philipps as Summer in Girls5eva
Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps continues her long run in the Hollywood sphere as Summer Dutkowsky, another singer in the Girls5eva musical group.

Summer proclaims herself to be the "hot one" in the group, although she felt neglected by her husband before their divorce. She raises her daughter, Stevia, who is an online influencer. She's previously worked as a stripper and even took a job doing shapewear ads on TV before going on tour at the end of Season 2.

Phillips was recently part of the cast of 2024's Mean Girls remake as Regina George's mother, and she also has roles in He's Just Not That Into You, Made of Honor, and CougarTown.

Renée Elise Goldsberry - Wickie

Renée Elise Goldsberry as Wickie in Girls5eva
Renée Elise Goldsberry

Broadway and Hollywood regular Renée Elise Goldsberry teams up with Bareilles and Philipps as another entertaining Girls5eva member named Wickie Roy.

Known as the "fierce one" of the group, she sometimes puts on a front of living a glamorous life while taking jobs such as working at an airport after separating from her wife. Season 3 sees Wickie push the group to new heights, even suggesting they act as their own promoters to gain more demand for their music.

Goldsberry had five episodes of work as Mallory Book in Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and she's also recognizable for her roles in Hamilton, Tick, Tick...BOOM!, and The Good Wife.

Paula Pell - Gloria

Paula Pell as Gloria in Girls5eva
Paula Pell

Paula Pell rounds out the '90s girl group as singer Gloria McManus, taking her place as the fourth quartet member.

After the group initially broke up in 2000, Gloria took on work as a dentist and looks forward to going on tour again as the self-proclaimed "always working one." However, this comes with concerns that her girlfriend, Caroline, will cheat on her if she leaves for this new endeavor, which follows a divorce from her first wife.

Pell spent 25 years as a writer on Saturday Night Live, and her other credits include Inside Out, 30 Rock, and Birdman.

John Lutz - Percy

John Lutz as Percy in Girls5eva
John Lutz

First introduced in Season 2, John Lutz's Percy returns as a regular character in Season 3.

Although he ends up slightly traumatized after several interactions with the group in Season 2, Season 3 sees John as their driver and tour manager as they return to the road.

Lutz has worked on nearly 80 episodes of 30 Rock, as well as roles in Friends with Kids and Mystery Team. He has over 100 credits as a writer on Saturday Night Live.

Daniel Breaker - Scott

Daniel Breaker as Scott in Girls5eva
Daniel Breaker

Daniel Breaker takes on an important role in Girls5eva as Scott, Dawn's husband, works as a guidance counselor.

Apart from his work, Scott is also a menswear and exercise enthusiast while being a doting father to his son (and soon-to-be second child).

Breaker is also seen in Billions, Limitless, and Shrek the Musical

Adrian Lenox - Carmen Wiggens

Adrian Lenox as Carmen Wiggens in Girls5eva
Adrian Lenox

Fans get a taste of Wickie's personal life with the introduction of Tony award winner Adrian Lenox in Girls5eva.

Only boasting one credit in Season 3, Lenox portrays Wickie's mother Carmen, meeting up with her daughter while she spends this season on tour with the group.

Lenox is recognizable for her performances in The Blind Side, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and The Butler.

Ron Canada - Dana Wiggens

Ron Canada as Dana Wiggens in Girls5eva
Ron Canada

Right next to Carmen in Season 3 is Ron Canada's Dana Wiggens, better known to Girls5eva fans as Wickie's father.

He joins his wife and daughter on the Girls5eva tour, although his time in the series is just as short as his wife's as fans wait to see Wickie's personal life explored more deeply.

Canada's resume includes over 150 credits from the past 40 years, the biggest of which are Wedding Crashers, National Treasure, and Lone Star.

Thomas Doherty - Gray Holland

Thomas Doherty as Gray Holland in Girls5eva
Thomas Doherty

Scottish up-and-comer Thomas Doherty first appears in Girls5eva Season 3 as another major player in the music scene.

In three episodes of this new season, Doherty portrays Gray Holland, who's described as the biggest musician in the world.

Doherty previously starred in The Lodge, Infidelity, and Descendants 2 and 3.

Chad L. Coleman - Sheawn

Chad L. Coleman as Sheawn in Girls5eva
Chad L. Coleman

Chad L. Coleman makes his Girls5eva debut in Season 2, Episode 7 as Sheawn and returns for a couple more appearances in Season 3.

Sheawn immediately becomes an unexpected source of attraction for Wickie upon meeting, and they get to expand on their relationship with each other in Season 3 after Wickie decides to stick with him.

Coleman's most notable credits are The Walking Dead, The Wire, and CopShop.

Catherine Cohen - Taffy

Catherine Cohen as Taffy in Girls5eva
Catherine Cohen

Catherine Cohen becomes one of the newest members of Girls5eva Season 3, making an appearance as Taffy London in Episode 4.

Taffy is an obscenely rich sugar baby who assembles all the biggest figures from her youth for a performance, which gets her a meeting with Girls5eva as they give a more private performance.

Cohen can also be seen in The Lovebirds, Slow Machine, and What We Do in the Shadows.

Ingrid Michaelson - Pixie

Ingrid Michaelson as Pixie in Girls5eva
Ingrid Michaelson

Also seen at Taffy's party is Ingrid Michaelson's Pixie, another pop star from her youth hired for the musical performance.

Pixie makes her living as a folksy singer similar to the real world's Jewel, although she also collaborated with Summer in the past to disastrous results.

Michaelson previously appeared as herself in an episode of 2016's The Muppets, and she's credited as the composer of Tiny Beautiful Things and Slumberkins.

Girls5eva Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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