Who Is Caterina Ferioli? 4 Things to Know About Tearsmith Actress

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Caterina Ferioli from The Tearsmith

Italian actress Caterina Ferioli led the cast of The Tearsmith alongside Simone Baldasseroni.

The Tearsmith follows the story of two teenagers, Nica Dover and Rigel Wilde. The pair are orphans who are adopted together by the same family. But things get complicated when they develop feelings for one another.

Nica is played by Caterina Ferioli in the movie, which is exclusive to Netflix and based on the novel of the same name by author Erin Doom.

4 Fun Facts About The Tearsmith’s Caterina Ferioli

Caterina Ferioli in The Tearsmith

Caterina Ferioli Started Modeling at 15

The 20-year-old Ferioli (born December 21, 2003) began her career as a model when she was just 15. She spoke with Fashion Model Directory about the process through which she was initially scouted by her agency. 

Ferioli remarked that, at first, she wasn’t aware of the purpose behind the casting call she attended:

“I was scouted by my mother agency Women by Marie Claire's casting that took place in OVS store in Bologna. That day I didn't really know what the casting purpose was, but I decided to run at the store, and I found out about women management once I was called for two days of shoot, in fact I didn't know how castings properly work or things like that. I had done something before this occasion but not even seriously and for my mom's friends who need model for their campaigns. I didn't expect to be scouted and call in the agency, about six months later I was part of women.”

When asked about how she’d describe herself as a model, Ferioli, who stands at 5’9”, expressed that she always tries to “bring a little joy to the set:”

“I'm determined to my goals, funny and focused. I always try to bring a little joy to the set, and I think it's such an important thing to empathize with your photographer, artistic director, makeup artist and all the troupe.”

She also recounted the details of her very first modeling job, which was for orthopedic shoes. The photos taken of her during that shoot ended up in “a lot of magazines:”

“I had not even signed up with a modeling agency and I had a shooting for some orthopedic shoes, my photos with them were on a lot of magazines, but I was 14-15 years old. After, when I signed up with my mother agency, I had my first experience for an e-commerce with such lovely people that continue to call me when they need a model, and that's amazing.”

Caterina Looks Up to Model & Actress Kaia Gerber

One of Caterina Ferioli’s greatest idols is Kaia Gerber, a very successful American model and the daughter of icon Cindy Crawford. 

As for what the Bologna, Italy native admires most about Gerber, she commented to Fashion Model Directory that she “can see her passion and her dedication.”

“I love and admire every model because I think this work asks such a huge passion, but especially I've always admired Kaia Gerber. She's so nice, she's interested in everything and when she's working, I can see her passion and her dedication.”

Ferioli admitted that she “always wanted to be a model” but used to be under the impression that such a goal would be “impossible to achieve:”

“I always wanted to be a model, but I thought it was impossible and super hard to achieve due to the fact that I used to leaf through many magazines, and I looked up to all the models I saw as celebrities and I thought it was impossible to achieve this goal. With the passing of time, I started discovering the world of modeling, and I become very interesting, and I become obsessed with it. I'm also interested in psychology and the story or the marketing behind fashion and I want to continue the study for sure in these fields, if possible, in Milan obviously.”

Caterina Admits She Argued With Her Tearsmith Co-Star

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Ferioli confessed that she was unfamiliar with the Tearsmith novel during her audition for the film adaptation, but “devoured” the book after she won the part:

“When I did the audition I didn't know anything about the phenomenon behind the book, I went in a bit blind. But it went well! But my mother knew it, she was convinced I would like it and she suggested I read it. Then I actually devoured it once I got the part along with the script.”

On the topic of her co-lead in the movie, Simon Baldasseroni's Rigel, Ferioli questions whether she’d be attracted to a guy like him in real life:

“Nica is linked to him above all because they have a common history, they grew up together in an orphanage. In fact, at the beginning it's as if they were brothers. In real life I don't know if a guy like Rigel would attract me. Of course, if I felt it was worth it I would give myself. But it's not always easy to help those who don't want to be saved.”

She also revealed that there were “moments of hatred” between the two actors but they eventually “found [their] balance:”

“We spent a lot of time together with him, we share many scenes, we were attached 15 hours a day on set and, working on the characters, we found our balance. There were also moments of hatred, we argued, but we also loved each other very much. In short, it was intense."

Caterina Will Next Star in Bel Canto

As for upcoming projects, Catarina Ferioli will next have a role in the Italian drama film Bel Canto. The actress will serve as a lead in the movie, portraying a teenager whose bond with her sister is put to the test when they both aspire to become opera singers.

Bel Canto was developed by Italy-based broadcaster and will also star Adriana Savarese. Carmine Elia is in the director’s chair. The film will also likely be available to stream on Netflix sometime after its release.

Where to Follow Catarina Online

For those who wish to see more of Catarina Ferioli, she has accounts on Instagram (at catelessy) and TikTok (at caterinaferioli).

The Tearsmith is now streaming on Netflix.

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