Meet Elys from Perfect Match: 5 Things to Know About Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle

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Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot to Handle

Elys Hutchinson was the winning contestant on Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle. Currently, she also appears on another love-themed Netflix competition, Perfect Match.

Netflix’s reality competition series Too Hot to Handle takes a couple of pages from the book of the iconically infamous Seinfeld episode “The Contest." 

Young, attractive, single participants are taken to a tropical paradise where they must live among their peers whilst abstaining from doing anything sexual.

In Perfect Match, players who have made previous appearances on other Netflix reality shows are paired up in hopes of making romantic matches.

5 Fun Facts About Elys Hutchinson From Too Hot To Handle and Perfect Match

Elys Hutchinson in Perfect Match

Elys Hutchinson Has Been Modeling Since She Was Young

Elys Hutchinson is no stranger to the wide world of modeling and has been involved in the industry since she was just five years old, as she confirmed in an interview with The Glass Magazine:

“Since I was five years old. A good family friend Liz, told me I should be a model. Last summer when I was 13, I decided to try out and Profile Models in London signed me immediately.”

Now 24, Hutchinson is still active in the field and, according to her Instagram page, is affiliated with The Trend Co. talent agency.

Elys Used To Be a Ski Instructor

In addition to her modeling work, Elys Hutchinson was a ski instructor in Switzerland. Hutchinson is half Swiss, having grown up in Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, England, but was born in Switzerland.

She’s also reportedly incurred several injuries while out on the slopes. According to Netflix (via Cosmopolitan), Hutchinson has broken nearly every bone in her body.

Elys Broke Up with Alex After Too Hot to Handle

In Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle, Hutchinson emerged victorious and was declared the winner. In the process, she got together with fellow competitor Alex Snell, but the couple subsequently broke up.

According to Hutchinson, speaking to Cosmopolitan, outside of the “honeymoon setting” that existed on Too Hot to Handle, compatibility issues arose between the pair:

“It was very fun and very passionate. It's like having a whole new relationship outside of the show because you're left alone. I think we had very different lifestyles on the outside. Ironically, I'm actually the one who travels a lot. On the show Alex said that he travels all the time, but actually I travel a lot and I was working quite hard after the show. And it seemed as though he was just in Devon going to the gym. So there was a difference in motivation and career paths. I guess you see someone's true colours when you come outside of such a honeymoon setting.”

The break-up was done over the phone by Hutchinson, but Snell “agreed” to part ways. Still, Hutchinson said that she didn’t get a sense of “in-person closure:”

“I broke up with him, but he agreed. We've never had that in-person closure ever, it was a phone call that went very wrong. And then we didn't have any contact for a very long time. We were meant to be going to a festival together that weekend and that weekend is when he met his new girlfriend. And literally two weeks later, it was on social media.”

Elys Keeps in Touch With Her Too Hot To Handle Co-Stars

Elys Hutchinson confirmed to Elite Daily that she has kept in contact with “literally all of” the participants from her season of Too Hot to Handle. Not only that, but all the players are in a group chat together:

“Literally all of them. The girls and I have a group chat, and we speak every day or two, and the guys will also be friends for life. They’re the only people who have properly experienced what I’ve experienced there, so they are like a different category of friends.”

She has also taken away an important lesson from her time on the Netflix series: “You should always go with how you feel about someone, because it’s your life:”

“Go with your gut feeling on everything. When you’re in the real world and not the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ retreat, your friends, family, and people around you can sway your decision. It’s so easy to stalk a guy on social media and see who he follows. In the retreat, it’s your decision. You genuinely meet people for who they are, not what their feed looks like or who their friends are. That’s something I've taken away — you should always go with how you feel about someone, because it’s your life.”

Elys Founded a Studio Space with Her Sister

Hutchinson opened Haus of Hutch, a studio space for creative individuals in Battersea, London. According to the space’s official website, House of Hutch is “an elevated content studio for like-minded creatives.” It is also open as an event venue.

How To Follow Elys Online

For those who want to see more of Elys Hutchinson, she can be found on Instagram (@elys_hutchinson), YouTube (at elys hutchinson), and TikTok (@elys_hutchinson). 

All five seasons of Too Hot to Handle are streaming on Netflix. The first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2 are also available for viewing, with Episodes 7-9 releasing on Friday, June 14. Additionally, the season finale arrives on Friday, June 21.

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