Perfect Match Season 2 Netflix Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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Perfect Match Season 2

Following a bombshell casting announcement at the Love is Blind Season 6 reunion, here is everything we know about Perfect Match Season 2.

Perfect Match is a romance reality series on Netflix that originally premiered on February 14, 2023. In this culminating series, the cast is made up of previous Netflix reality stars, akin to Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

In this case, Perfect Match casts previous contestants on shows like Love Is Blind, The Circle, The Mole, Too Hot to Handle, Sexy Beasts, and more. 

Heading into the 2024 season, the first batch of new (yet familiar) contestants has been announced. 

When Will Perfect Match Season 2 Release?

Two months after Season 1's release on Netflix, the streamer renewed Perfect Match for Season 2.

The new show was an instant success, spending five weeks on Netflix’s Global Top 10 English TV list and being on the Top 10 TV lists in 58 countries, per Deadline.

In an exciting update, Netflix posted on Instagram that Season 2 will be "coming this summer" with a brand new cast of familiar faces. 

Netflix has utilized releases over June and July most commonly with its dating show offerings, so expect a similar debut for Perfect Match Season 2.

Who Is Cast in Perfect Match Season 2?

 Izzy Zapata, Micah Lussier, Jessica Vestal

During the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion, it was announced that Jessica Vestal, Micah Lussier, and Izzy Zapata will compete for another chance at love on Perfect Match Season 2.

Most recently, Jessica was left heartbroken after Jimmy Presnell chose Chelsea Blackwell over her on Love is Blind Season 6. 

On Love is Blind Season 4, Micah was engaged to Paul Peden but their relationship ended abruptly on their wedding day. 

Izzy got engaged to Stacy Snyder in Season 5, but Stacy called off the wedding. Despite trying to reconcile, they ended up not speaking for a year but remain on good terms now.

In addition to the latest confirmations, there are a few rumored cast members of Perfect Match Season 2. 

These include Byron Constantin (Squid Game: The Challenge Season 1), Irina Solomonova (Love Is Blind Season 4), Trevor Sova (Love Is Blind Season 6), and Tolú Ekundare (The Trust: A Game of Greed).

Where Is Perfect Match Filmed?

Contestants are expected to be back to the tropical villa that was seen during Perfect Match Season 1.

Perfect Match was filmed at Casa Naga, a luxury villa in Panama's beach town of Playa Bonita. The mansion boasts six bedrooms, with five featured on the show, one for each potential perfect match. 

The expectation is that Season 2 will be filmed in the same location, as this is common for Netflix to reuse locations for its reality TV series.

The Emerald Pavilion in Turks and Caicos served as the filming location for both seasons 4 and 5 of Too Hot To Handle.

Will Nick Lachey Return to Host Season 2?

After hosting Season 1, Nick Lachey is confirmed to be back for Season 2 of Perfect Match.

This comes after Lachey told PEOPLE he missed hosting with his wife, Vanessa, whom he hosts Love is Blind alongside.

He believes she "would've been great on this show," but she "couldn't make it happen."

Lachey later told PEOPLE that he "was thrilled to be able to do it by myself" and despite being without Vanessa, "it's also a lot of fun to be able to do your own thing:"

"I was thrilled to be able to do it by myself. And honestly, there's something to hosting by yourself, too. I mean, it's great to be able to dance here with your wife and co-host, but it's also a lot of fun to be able to do your own thing and not have to worry about stepping on toes or getting a word in or any of that stuff."

Vanessa Lachey is not expected to be a co-host of Perfect Match Season 2.

What To Expect from Perfect Match Season 2

The first season of Perfect Match lived up to the chaotic energy it was promising, bringing in an all-star cast of former dating show contestants.

During Season 1, the cast competed in "compatibility challenges" to earn private dates and the chance to bring new singles into the game. Each night, those without a match must leave the villa, and the process continues until one couple is crowned the ultimate Match at the end of the series.

Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle Season 3) and Dom Gabriel (The Mole Season 6) emerged as a resilient couple despite facing various challenges. 

Their relationship blossomed after Dom's breakup with Francesca Farago, and he later asked Georgia to be his girlfriend when presented with another opportunity.

Entering Season 2, the cast dynamics are what will be most important for the sake of entertainment for fans of Season 1. The great news about Perfect Match is that the viewership is already solidified through fans' history with other Netflix dating shows.

In this Netflix crossover reality event, tensions will likely rise, hearts will be broken, and one couple's true love will rise to the top.

Expect Netflix to begin streaming Perfect Match Season 2 this summer.

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