Who Is Evan Holtzman? 4 Things to Know About Hit Man Actor

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Evan Holtzman as Ray in Hit Man

Evan Holtzman starred as Ray Masters, the character on whom the hit is ordered in the film Hit Man.

Hit Man, starring Anyone But You’s Glen Powell and Andor’s Adria Arjona, recently made its way to Netflix. The movie’s plot concerns a woman who believes she has hired a contract killer in an attempt to do away with her abusive husband.

4 Fun Facts About Hit Man’s Evan Holtzman

Evan Holtzman as Ray Masters in Hit Man

Evan Holtzman Graduated From the University of Texas

Dallas native Evan Holtzman originally set himself on a different path before breaking into acting. He graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering.

According to Holtzman’s bio on his Vimeo account, he attended the University of Texas for four years and, after graduating, spent two years in the oil industry, where he was responsible for designing rigs and platforms.

After two years in that field, Holtzman took a job with an energy engineering company in Los Angeles, California. It was in L.A. that his life began to change considerably.

Evan Pursued Acting After Moving to L.A.

Initially, Evan Holtzman had little inclination toward acting, but his California roommate was an actor. This inspired Holtzman to enroll in an acting class, where the bug first bit him.

He immersed himself in the art at several different studios in Hollywood. This developmental work included studying comedy at Lesly Kahn & Company in 2013, an on-camera scene study in 2017 at Warner Loughlin Studios, and a master scene study at The Aquila Studios in 2019.

Working on Hit Man Was a Dream for Evan

Hit Man was Evan Holtzman’s theatrical big break. The comedy was released in select cinemas on May 24 before arriving on Netflix on June 7.

Glen Powell stars as a staff member of the New Orleans Police Department who participates in a sting operation, going undercover and posing as a hitman so the authorities can take down anyone who hires him. 

Holztman plays Ray, the husband of a woman who hires Powell’s character to kill her spouse.

Hit Man was directed by Richard Linklater, responsible for hits such as School of Rock and Dazed and Confused. On his experiences working with Linklater, Holtzman praised him effusively (via Patrick Beatty Reviews):

“Oh, it’s a dream. [Richard Linlater] is so incredibly relaxed. Of all the directors I’ve ever worked with, he just kinda lets things be set up as they are, and then as people are working, he just kinda enjoys his time.” 

The actor also mentioned how much of an effort Linklater made to bond with him over shared interests:

“He’ll like, come over and kick it with me, start talking about baseball when we’re setting up a shot. [laughs] It’s like, ‘Do you need to be over there? Are you good?’ And he’s like, no, he’s like, the most consummate, confident like, professional that I’ve ever worked with. Yeah, it’s been an absolute dream, man. He’s the best.”

Evan Will Next Star in A24’s Warfare

Next on Evan Holtzman's docket is an A24 movie called Warfare, co-directed and written by Alex Garland and Ray Mendoza.

Little is known about Warfare’s storyline, much less Holtzman’s role in it, but the film will also star Will Poulter, Joseph Quinn, and Kit Connor, among others.

How To Follow Evan Holtzman Online

Those interested in seeing more of Holtzman can catch him on Instagram (@evanholtzman).

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