Best Rom Coms On Netflix To Watch After Anyone But You

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From The Irish Wish to Always Be My Baby, here are five Netflix romantic comedies that have the same vibe as Sydney Sweeney's Anyone But You

Anyone But You is a romantic comedy loosely based on William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing that highlights the unusual love story of Bea (Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell). These two have to convince everyone that they are together to make their respective ex-partners jealous after reuniting at a wedding. 

The movie made its debut on Netflix on April 23. 

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5 Rom Coms To Watch After Seeing Anyone But You

Set It Up

Glen Powell & Zoey Dutch in Set It Up
Glen Powell & Zoey Dutch

Glen Powell's first foray into the world of romantic comedies should be at the start of viewers' watchlist after his impressive performance as Ben in Anyone But You

In Set It Up, Powell starred alongside Zoey Dutch as Charlie and Harper They led a hilarious story about two executive assistants scheming to make their demanding bosses fall in love with one another so that their lives will be easier. 

While their bosses get entangled romantically, Charlie and Harper end up falling in love with each other. 

Aside from Powell's inclusion, Set It Up is in the same vein as Anyone But You due to its way of incorporating messy yet brilliant schemes throughout its story sprinkled with comedic moments. 

You can watch Set It Up on Netflix here

The Irish Wish

Ed Speelers & Lindsay Lohan in The Irish Wish
Ed Speelers & Lindsay Lohan

If viewers want to witness another wedding with a twist akin to Anyone But You, The Irish Wish is the perfect follow-up. 

Starring Lindsay Lohan and Ed Speelers, this story follows Maddie (Lohan) as her wish to marry her best friend's fiancé comes true, leading to an alternate reality where everything is different. 

Maddie realizes that she is in love with the wedding photographer all along and that her wish only makes everyone's life miserable. 

While the plot is somewhat predictable, The Irish Wish still has the right blend of charm and humor that allows a good watch during one of your downtimes.

You can watch The Irish Wish on Netflix here

Always Be My Maybe

Randall Park & Ali Wong in Always Be My Baby
Randall Park & Ali Wong

Always Be My Maybe tackles the story of two childhood sweethearts whose spark gets reignited after seeing each other again after 15 years. However, the pair's different worlds could prove too much for each of them to handle.

Always Be My Maybe and Anyone But You have one thing in common: the leads have undeniable chemistry.

Similar to Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, Randall Park and Ali Wong's impressive dynamic in the Netflix movie shines throughout its 101-minute runtime, complete with perfect comedic timing, a unique story, and heartfelt moments sprinkled throughout. A bonus is Keanu Reeves' memorable cameo. 

You can watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix here

No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence & Andrew Feldman in No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence & Andrew Feldman

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Feldman are an unusual duo that surprised everyone with their strong on-screen chemistry in No Hard Feelings.

The romantic comedy flick tells the story of Maddie (Lawrence) who is hired by wealthy parents to date their 19-year-old awkward teenage son and give him a good time (both romantically and sexually). 

No Hard Feeling's plot point centered around pretending is in the same vein as Anyone But You. The only difference is that Maddie is the only one aware that everything is fake and is anchored by her desire to gain money. 

Still, the movie showcases the remarkable chemistry between the lead stars which leads to some memorable moments that will live rent-free in viewers' minds.

You can watch No Hard Feelings on Netflix here

The Kissing Booth

Joey King & Jacob Elordi in The Kissing Booth
Joey King & Jacob Elordi

Directed by Vince Marcello, The Kissing Booth chronicles how a hopeless romantic teenager falls in love with her childhood crush who is also her best friend's brother. 

The Kissing Booth, starring Jacob Elordi and Joey King, made waves in 2018 after showcasing its hilarious and unique story, strong chemistry between the lead stars, and trending scenes that spread like wildfire on social media.

Anyone But You and The Kissing Booth have that same feel-good and chill vibe that will hook viewers and make them smile throughout its runtime. 

You can watch The Kissing Booth on Netflix here

Anyone But You is streaming on Netflix.

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