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Anyone But You, Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell

Fans looking for an extensive list of the cast and characters of Sydney Sweeney’s newest rom-com movie, Anyone But You, have come to the right place.

The latest film from Sony Pictures follows Sydney Sweeney’s Bea after she unexpectedly reunites with an old rival, Glen Powell’s Ben. Naturally, their reunion ends up calling for the two to fake a relationship to solve their problems.

Needless to say, Anyone But You likely checks off all the boxes for fans of romantic comedies.

The Cast, Characters, and Actors of Anyone But You

Sydney Sweeney - Bea

Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Anyone But You
Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is the star of the show, playing Bea. After a one-night stand gone wrong, in part thanks to both parties involved, Bea forms an intense distaste for Glen Powell’s Ben.

She was unaware that Ben was a friend of Alexandra Shipp’s Claudia. So, when Bea receives an invite to her friend and sister’s destination wedding, her long-despised former fling is forced back into her life.

Sweeney explained in a press release for the film that while the two hate each other, over the course of the story, “they start to actually love each other:”

“As much as Bea hates Ben, and vice versa, it’s important to Bea not to wreck her sister’s wedding. So, she hatches her plan: these two people who actually hate each other will pretend to like each other… But as she and Ben are drawn together, they start to actually love each other but can’t admit it to themselves.”

Many will recognize Sweeney from her time in HBO’s Euphoria, and the star can also be seen in 2024's Madame Web.

Glen Powell - Ben

Glen Powell as Ben in Anyone But You
Glen Powell

Ben, brought to life by Glen Powell, is Bea’s other half—or at least, that’s what they want their family and friends to think. While he plays it cool with his sharp wit, Ben’s got a softer side to him he keeps guarded.

While talking about the role in a press release, the actor joked how he “didn’t realize how naked [he] would be:”

“I didn't realize how naked I would be… I knew it was a romcom, which meant I should stay away from the beer for a bit. But I didn't expect to be this naked, this often. I kept weights and resistance bands in my trailer that I would break out on certain days, just to keep everything looking good.”

Some of Powell’s previous projects include Top Gun: Maverick, Scream Queens, and Devotion.

Alexandra Shipp - Claudia

Alexandra Shipp as Claudia in Anyone But You
Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra Shipp’s Claudia is set to marry Bea’s sister, Halle, at a destination wedding in Australia. With the involvement of both Bea and Ben, she does start to worry they might mess up her big wedding day in some fashion.

Shipp admitted she “doesn’t think it’s too much to ask on your wedding weekend:”

“I don't think it's too much to ask on your wedding weekend… Claudia wants them to calm down so that the focus can be where it needs to be, which is on her and her fiancée and this weekend that they're gonna remember for the rest of their lives. So when Bea convinces Ben to put on the ruse, Claudia couldn’t be happier that they seem to have come around.”

Shipp portrayed Ororo Munroe in the Fox X-Men films and can also be seen in Barbie, Shaft, tick, tick… BOOM!, and more.

Hadley Robinson - Halle

Hadley Robinson as Halle in Anyone But You
Hadley Robinson

Halle, played by Hadley Robinson, is Bea’s sister who is engaged to Alexandra Shipp’s Claudia. While she loves her sister, she is worried Bea’s rivalry with Ben could ruin the big wedding.

In a press release, Robinson shared how “there’s some tension” between the two sisters:

“Bea has talked about her own wedding since she and Halle were kids… Bea has always wanted to get married, so there's some tension, and Halle makes excuses for her sister because she knows that she's going through a lot.”

Robinson can be seen in Little Women, Utopia, and Appendage.

Dermot Mulroney - Leo

Dermot Mulroney as Leo in Anyone But You
Dermot Mulroney

Dreamot Mulroney’s Leo is Bea’s father. He pushes his daughter to succeed at school and is really proud of her future career as a lawyer.

What he doesn’t know, is his daughter recently dropped out of law school.

Mulroney admitted in a press release that “Leo and Innie have trouble with boundaries:”

“Leo and Innie have trouble with boundaries… One daughter is already taken care of, the other isn't, so it’s a great setup for a lot of awkwardness and proof of how over-involved they are in their daughter's love life.”

Some of Mulroney’s previous projects include Ruthless, Secret Invasion, and Scream VI.

Rachel Griffiths - Innie

Rachel Griffiths as Innie in Anyone But You
Rachel Griffiths

Bea’s mother Innie is portrayed by Rachel Griffiths. She’s insistent she knows what’s best for her daughter, particularly when it comes to who she might marry one day.

In the film’s press release, Griffiths shared how she thinks Bea’s parents “definitely cross a line” while projecting their desires onto Sydney Sweeney’s character:

“They definitely cross a line… I think Leo and Innie are pretty representative of their generation in terms of being very invested in the choices their children are making. During the film is the period where they have to say, ‘Okay, she's an adult now; she's going to start making her own decisions, and we've got to not think it's a disaster.’ Their journey is to accept that if their child flounders for a few years, that's her journey, and there’s nothing they can really do.”

Griffiths can also be seen in Total Control, The Wilds, and Six Feet Under

Gata - Pete


Pete, played by Gata, is Ben’s best friend and the brother to the bride-to-be Claudia.

While speaking about the role, Gaga explained how his character “is more focused” than Glen Powell’s Ben, but they’ve “got that connection of always being positive:”

“Pete is more focused, more disciplined than Ben. We are different; we come from different walks of life, but we’ve got that connection of always being positive.”

While Gata is mostly known for his music career as a rapper, he can also be seen in Hulu’s Dave.

Charlee Fraser - Margaret

Charlee Fraser as Margaret in Anyone But You
Charlee Fraser

Charlene Fraser’s Margaret is Ben’s ex, who he desperately wants to get back with at the beginning of the story. Though, there’s one hiccup: she’s currently with an Australian surfer.

In a production press release, Fraser exclaimed how he’s “been obsessed with [director Will Cluck’s] work for so long:”

“I have been obsessed with [director Will Gluck’s] work for so long. 'Easy A' and 'Friends with Benefits' are films that I watched back-to-back my whole teenage life. I watched 'Easy A' every night for about eight months. I know every word in it.”

Fraser can be seen in next year’s Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

Joe Davidson - Beau

Joe Davidson
Joe Davidson

Beau is nothing but a bunch of Australian stereotypes. He is Margaret’s current romantic partner, but it’s hard to tell how long the pairing may last.

The actor behind the character admitted in a press release that “Beau is what you get when you mix all the Australian islands and icons all into one character.”

Davidson can be seen in Neighbours, Abandoned, and H20: Just Add Water.

Bryan Brown - Roger

Bryan Brown as Roger in Anyone But You
Bryan Brown

Roger is Claudia’s father, who is a little more hip than many might expect. He’s happily together with Michelle Hurd’s Carol.

Brown plays roles in projects like Darby and Joan, Bloom, and The Good Wife.

Michelle Hurd - Carol

Michelle Hurd as Carol in Anyone But You
Michelle Hurd

Michelle Hurd’s Carol is Claudia’s mother, and she is always supportive and looking to offer advice at just the right time.

In a press release for the movie, Hurd expressed that “Carol is really living her best life:”

“Carol is really living her best life, and I love that because women of a certain age oftentimes can be dismissed or are invisible… I love being able to give a voice to women of a certain age. Not only is Carol seen, but she's appreciated and made glorious and glamorous and full of love.”

Hurd can also be seen on d can also be seen on Blindspot, The Glades, and Star Trek: Picard.

Darren Barnet - Jonathan

Darren Barnet as Jonathan in Anyone But You
Darren Barnet

Darren Barnet plays Jonathan, Bea’s ex, who is invited into Halle’s wedding under the guise of being close enough to the family to include.

While the situation is awkward, Barnet shared “they’re close enough to get past that awkwardness:”

“It's very awkward, but they're close enough to get past that awkwardness… Jonathan and Bea are almost too close for comfort… They grew up around each other's families. It has been romantic, but it's almost as close as a sibling would be, which makes it an interesting dynamic to explore. Definitely some sparks that fly.”

Barney recently starred in Sony Pictures’ Gran Turismo and can also be seen in projects like Blue Eye Samurai, Never Have I Ever, and Love Hard.

Anyone But You is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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