Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell’s R-Rated Rom-Com Gets Exciting Release Update

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Sydney Sweeney Glen Powell

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's first on-screen pairing in Sony Pictures' Anyone But You receives an official release update. 

After a memorable Season 2 stint in Euphoria and an incredible performance in Top Gun: Maverick, Sweeney and Powell will soon return to the big screen in Sony Pictures' R-rated romantic comedy. 

The film is directed by Friends with Benefits director Will Gluck with a screenplay from Ilana Wolpert and Gluck. Aside from its two powerhouse lead stars, Anyone But You also has a stellar cast that includes the likes of Alexandra Shipp, Dermot Mulroney, and Darren Barnet, with more insight into the film on the way soon.

When Will Sydney Sweeney's Rom-Com Release?

Sydney Sweeney GQ Interview
Sydney Sweeney

Sony Pictures confirmed that Anyone But You will premiere in theaters on December 15. 

Anyone But You joins Warner Bros.' Wonka on the same release date, a movie that stars Timothee Chalamet and Hugh Grant.

The film is set to revolve around two college arch-nemeses who pretend to be a couple at a destination wedding, which is described to be a modernization of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing: 

"When college arch-nemeses reunite years after graduation for a destination wedding, they pretend to be a couple for their own personal reasons. But through pretending, they actually fall in love.”

During CinemaCon, the film's first footage was officially unveiled, with ScreenRant confirming that it contains "lots of naked scenes."

Discussing Film described the footage as "really raunchy, with plenty of partial nudity seen with its two attractive main stars. It’s got a mean sense of humor as well.” 

The teaser also includes a scene where the pair recreates the iconic Titanic moment between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but Powell pushed Sweeney off a boat by accident. 

Moreover, the footage featured the two main characters being "romantic and cruel to each other" as they engage in plenty of back and forth in their "twisted romantic war." There is also a scene of Sweeney punching Powell's character in his privates.

Will ‘Anyone But You’ Push Rom-Com Back to Prominence?

The anticipation for Anyone But You is high, especially for Sydney Sweeney's diehard fans. Ever since her on-screen appearance in Euphoria Season 2, the actress has been busy filming other projects, such as Madame Web and Reality

Glen Powell's incredible 2022 performances in Top Gun: Maverick and Devotion have been widely praised by fans and critics, with hopes of it carrying over in this movie. 

More so, set photos from Anyone But You already went viral online due to Sweeney and Powell's intimate portrayals of their characters. Once the trailer premieres (hopefully, soon), the buzz surrounding the movie could elevate even further. 

Given the star power and sex appeal of its lead stars combined with its interesting story, Anyone But You has something special in the cards that could put the romantic comedy genre back to the forefront. 

Anyone But You premieres in theaters on December 15.

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