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Pommelien Thijs as Louise, Willem De Schryver as Alexandre, Netflix logo

Romance, sex, and luxury are pushed to the forefront in High Tides alongside its remarkable Belgian cast.

High Tides (Knoffe Off in Belgium) is a new Belgian drama from Netflix that premiered on December 7. It tells the story of a group of rich families whose secrets emerge when they spend a summer in the town of Knokke. 

Every Main Actor & Character in High Tides

Pommelien Thijs - Louise

Pommelien Thijs - Louise

Pommelien Thijs leads the cast of High Tides as Louise Basteyns.

Louise is the daughter of a rich family and Alexandre's girlfriend, who suffers from bipolar disorder. The pair is considered by many to be a power couple. 

Louise and Alex's relationship starts to go sideways when a new resident, Daan, enters the picture. 

Thijs is known for her roles in #LikeMe and The Claus Family. The actress rose to prominence due to her role as Babette Vincke in Lisa.

Willem De Schryver - Alexandre

Willem De Schryver - Alexandre

Willem De Schrvyer plays Alexandre Vandael, Louise's boyfriend, who is also the son of the powerful Vandael family. 

Aside from being rich and having it all, Alex resents his father, Patrick, for trying to control his life. Alex also holds a mysterious secret that his mother, Eleonore, knows of. 

De Schryver's other notable roles include playing Alex in Deja Vu and Sander in wtFOCK

Eliyha Altena - Daan

Eliyha Altena - Daan

Daan (played by Eliyha Altena) is a newcomer in Knokke who arrives with his mother to spend their summer vacation. 

Daan loves photography and takes several different kinds of photos, including that of strangers. The character is not from a rich family; he stays at a modest camping site with his mother. 

Eventually, Daan becomes attracted to Louise, making Alexandre jealous.

Altena previously appeared in Hunter Street, Sonny Boy, and Misfit: The Series

Manouk Pluis - Anouk

Manouk Pluis - Anouk in High Tides

Anouk is Daan's next-door neighbor, to whom he is attracted at first. The character is portrayed on-screen by Manouk Pluis. 

When Daan first enters the renter's camp, he immediately notices Anouk from afar, with him even taking pictures of her. Manouk works at a local casino in Knokke. 

Pluis is known for her roles in Jonge garde, Coquille, and Flikken Rotterdam.

Ayana Doucouré - Margaux

Ayana Doucouré - Margaux in High Tides

Ayana Doucouré's Margaux is Louise's friend who is part of her inner circle. Margaux is also Christine's daughter and Matti's girlfriend.

The character is your typical rich kid used to a luxurious life. She is not a fan of Louise's attraction to Daan. 

Doucouré reunites with Kes Bakker after they both starred in FOMO. The actress' past credits include Under Fire and Hacked.

Kes Bakker - Matti

Kes Bakker - Matti in High Tides

Kes Bakker is part of the cast of High Tides as Matti, one of Alex and Louise's friends. Matti is Margaux's boyfriend.

When Alex introduces his idea of launching his own club in Knokke, Matti is initially apprehensive about the idea. 

Bakker has credits in FOMO, 2DEZIT, and Please, Love Me.

Jef Hellemans - Victor

Jef Hellemans - Victor in High Tides

Another member of Alex and Louise's circle is Jef Hellemans as Victor. 

While Victor joins in bullying Daan at first, he eventually becomes friends with him when Alex gives him his stamp of approval. 

Hellemans previously appeared in The Window and Over Water.

Emma Moortgat - Emilie

Emma Moortgat - Emilie

Emma Moortgat's Emilie is Louise's sister and Eleonore's daughter, who is getting married. 

Interestingly, Emilie is not aware of the issues that her mother has, and it seems that she is forced to be married to someone whom she doesn't love.

Moortgat is known for her roles in The Last Front and The Couple Next Door.

Anna Drijver - Melissa

Anna Drijver - Melissa

Anna Drivjer joins the cast of High Tides as Melissa, Daan's mother, who secretly hides something from her son.

Melissa carries a handgun with her at all times, which poses a threat to anyone around her. 

When Eleonore fires their former nanny, Isabel, Melissa applies for a job in the Vandael residence. 

It is eventually revealed that the reason why Melissa went undercover in the Vandael's house is to avenge the death of her sister.

Drijver previously appeared in Bride Flight, Loft, and Bellicher.

Ruth Becquart - Eleonore

Ruth Becquart - Eleonore

Eleonore, Alex's mother, is consistently suspicious about her husband, Patrick's, infidelity. Ruth Becquart plays the character. 

In High Tides, Eleonore is unaware that Patrick is cheating with her best friend, Christina. 

Becquart is a Flemish actress known for her past roles in Blind Spot, De Dag, and Clan.

Geert Van Rampelbergh - Patrick

Geert Van Rampelbergh - Patrick in High Tides

Patrick (played by Geert Van Rampelbergh) is the head of the Vandael family, Eleonor's husband, and Alex's father. 

Patrick has a toxic relationship with his son, Alex, and he also secretly cheats on Eleonore. When Alex finds out about Patrick's affair with another woman, he kicks him out of the house to preserve his secret. 

Geert Van Rampelbergh has an impressive acting resume, with roles in Mascotte, Attraction, and Ritual

Ini Massez - Angelique

Ini Massez - Angelique in High Tides

Ini Massez's Angelique is Louise's mother and Jan's wife. 

Given that Louise has bipolar disorder, Angelique is the one who insists on taking pills to recover from her condition. 

Massez has credits in Rough Diamonds, Please, Love Me, and Rusty.

Pieter Genard - Jan

Pieter Genard - Jan in High Tides

Pieter Genard is a doctor, Louise's father, and Angelique's husband. 

Jan is committed to his career and sometimes doesn't spend too much time during gatherings, using his work as an excuse. As a result, Angelique is not a fan of his husband's attitude. 

Genard previously appeared in Deadline 25/5, Du Dag, and Hacked.

Jasmine Sendar - Christine

Jasmine Sendar - Christine in High Tides

Christine is Eleonore's best friend and Patrick's mistress in High Tides. The character is played by Jasmine Sendar.

Sendar's previous notable credits include Mindhunters, Grenslanders, and Malaika.

Gene Bervoets - Jacques

Gene Bervoets - Jacques in High Tides

Gene Bervoets plays Jacques, Daan's boss at the local beachside bar. Jacques is strict yet compassionate toward his employees. 

Bervoets has over 100 credits, with roles in The Vanishing, Paradise Trips, and The Memory of a Killer.

Felicia Van Remoortel - Olivia

Felicia Van Remoortel - Olivia in High Tides

Olivia is Alex's younger sister and Eleonore's daughter, who is unaware of the issues surrounding her family. The character is played by Felicia Van Remoortel. 

Despite being young, Olivia is manipulative since she is interested in hiring Melissa as her new nanny. At one point, Olivia even tells the nanny applicant that the position is already filled, mainly because she only wants Melissa.

High Tides is Van Remoortel's first major acting credit.

Caroline Stas - Claudia

Caroline Stas - Claudia in High Tides

Caroline Stas portrays Claudia, Melissa's sister and Daan's auntie, who mysteriously disappeared in Knoffe several years ago. 

It is revealed that Claudia worked as a nanny for the Vandaels before she disappeared. This is why Melissa works undercover as a nanny for the rich family. 

Stas is best known for her roles in Geldwoven, The Last Front, and The Ardennes

All episodes of High Tides are now streaming on Netflix.

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