Who Is Yusra Warsama? 4 Things to Know About Deliver Me Netflix Star

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Yusra Warsama

Yusra Warsama had an interesting background before joining Netflix's Deliver Me

In the Swedish series, Warsama brings Billy's mother, Leila, to life. After Billy was shot by an unknown assailant, causing him to become brain-dead, Leila expressed concerns over her son's fate as well as her family's safety amid the raging gang war in the small town. 

Deliver Me premiered on Netflix on April 24.

4 Things To Know About Deliver Me's Yusra Warsama

Deliver Me's Yusra Warsama

Yusra Warsama Studied Criminology Before Discovering Acting

Yusra Warsama, 38, did not pursue her interest in acting at first since she was studying for a degree in criminology and sociology. 

Speaking with The Observer Culture in April 2015, Warsama admitted that she had always been interested in theater, noting her experience attending Contact Theatre in Manchester with director John McGrath at the helm:

"I became an artist not to communicate anything in terms of my identity or my religion. I was doing a degree in criminology and sociology and I had always written and been interested in theatre. I went to the Contact theatre in Manchester and John McGrath, the director, gave us the space to experiment there."

Warsama (via Herald Scotland in May 2015) was born in the United Arab Emirates to an Islamic Somali family on July 9, 1985. The actress' parents moved from Abu Dhabi to start fresh in Manchester in the United Kingdom. 

The actress' Somalian roots inspired her to take a crack at writing as well, using her talent to "show the good side" of the Somali and Muslim people and let the majority know all about it: 

"I did some professional acting, which I still do, but the writing was the thing I loved. I’ve never felt a responsibility to write about British Muslims. But I suppose I want to show the good side of Somali people and Muslim people, because it’s clear the world doesn’t see us that way."

Yusra Has Written and Directed Many Plays

As for her passion for theater, Deliver Me's Yusra Warsama pointed out in the same interview with The Observer Culture that she pursued it because she "wanted to talk to people:"

"I think I went on stage because I genuinely wanted to talk to people. I mostly prefer to do that in a play now rather than in the spoken word pieces I do. I find the ego part of it a bit uncomfortable at poetry slams or whatever. But at its best, performance poetry is: 'What if? How about?' It’s designed to open up a conversation. People crave that."

From 2015 to 2023, the actress has an impressive list of theater credits as a writer and director. 

Warsama served as the director of several plays, such as Incognito (2021) and The House of Bernarda Alba (2017).

As a writer, Warsama wrote scripts for My White Best Friend (2021) and Bedtime Stories (2015). 

In 2023, the actress/writer/producer recently wrote and produced a theater play titled Of All The Beautiful Things in the World, depicting the story of a mother trying to protect her daughters from the changing world. 

Yusra Was Excited to Join the Stephen King Universe

Perhaps Yusra Wasrama's most recognizable role is playing Dr. Nadia Howlwadaag in Hulu's Castle Rock, a series featuring characters, settings, and storylines inspired by the stories created by Stephen King. 

Dr. Nadia Howlwadaag is the medical director of the lone hospital in Jerusalem's lot in the series.

Ahead of Season 2, Wasrama spoke with The Knockturnal in October 2019 about joining the Stephen King Multiverse, saying, "It's always good to be part of something so big:" 

The Knockturnal: "And how did it feel just being apart of the Stephen King multiverse?"

Warsama: “Exciting? It’s Massive. So it’s always good to be apart of something so big and hopefully add to that in a good way and kind of support the ongoing kind of multiverse and the narratives that live within that. Particularly because our characters are new characters to this world; they’re not characters that Stephen King has penned himself so yeah, very exciting and very humbling actually.”

The actress also revealed her mentality after landing the role of Dr. Nadia in the Hulu series: 

Knockturnal: "And what was it like landing the role like when you first found out - what was your initial reaction?"

Warsama: “Learn your lines, go to school, get the job done. (laughs) That was the kind of mentality to go into a project like this for me.

Aside from Castle Rock and Deliver Me, Warsama's other notable credits include playing Nafula in Our Girl, Lauren Dalby in The Last Days On Mars, and Bethsheba in The Gallows Pole.

Yusra Will Next Star in Brides

Yusra Warsama's next notable role is playing Kidisti in a movie titled Brides. Not much is known about the actress's role in the film. 

Directed by Nadia Fall, Brides chronicles the story of two runaway girls who are confronting their past while still contemplating what is next in their lives as they plan to travel to Syria. 

Ebada Hassan and Saffiya Ingar lead the Brides' cast alongside Warsama.

Brides has no release date yet.

How To Follow Yusra Warsama Online

For more updates about Yusra Warsama, fans can follow her on Instagram (@yusra_warsama). 

All episodes of Deliver Me are streaming on Netflix.

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