Full Cast of Mother of the Bride 2024 Movie on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Rachael Harris, Sean Teale, Benjamin Bratt, Brooke Shields Miranda Cosgrove in Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride highlights a star-studded cast featuring the likes of iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove and Jane the Virgin star Brooke Shields. 

The new Netflix comedy movie chronicles the story of how a bride's mother gets into a spontaneous situation where she discovers that the groom's father is the man who broke her heart in the past. 

Mother of the Bride premiered on Netflix on May 9. 

Every Main Cast Member of Mother of the Bride

Brooke Shields - Lana

Brooke Shields as Lana in Mother of the Bride
Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields leads the cast of Mother of the Bride as Lana, Emma's mother who is shocked (yet happy) to learn that her daughter is finally getting married. 

The only downside to the big news is that her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart during college is the groom's father. 

It is made clear that Lana still has feelings for her ex, Will, and she needs to keep her emotions in check so that the wedding can go as smoothly as planned. 

Shields has over 100 credits to her name, with roles in Jane the Virgin, The Middle, and Mr. Pickles.

Benjamin Bratt - Will

Benjamin Bratt as Will in Mother of the Bride
Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt plays RJ's (the groom's) charismatic father, Will, who is also Lana's ex. 

While Will ghosted Lana during college, he assured her that he is now a changed man. 

Will and Lana rekindle their strong bond by going out and having a good time with Janice, Clay, and Scott in Thailand. 

As the pair grow closer together, a second chance at love might be on the horizon.

Bratt previously appeared in Miss Congeniality, Law & Order, and Poker Face.

Miranda Cosgrove - Emma

Miranda Cosgrove as Emma in Mother of the Bride
Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove stars as Emma, Lana's daughter who is set to have her dream destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand. 

Before the wedding, Emma is concerned that her mom will judge her over her decision to say yes to marrying RJ. She is also shocked to learn that her mom dated RJ's dad a long time ago. 

Cosgrove's most recognizable role is playing Carly Shay in Nickelodeon's iCarly. The actress also has credits in Despicable Me, School of Rock, and Crowded

Chad Michael Murray - Lucas

Chad Michael Murray as Lucas in Mother of the Bride
Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray appears as Lucas, a hot doctor whom Lana is initially attracted to. 

When Will realizes that Lucas may be flirting with Lana, it leads to a competition on which of them will eventually get her attention (and affection).

Murray's most famous role is playing Lucas Scott in over 100 episodes of One Tree Hill. The actor also appeared in Sullivan's Crossing, Freaky Friday, and Survive the Night.

Sean Teale - RJ 

Sean Teale as RJ in Mother of the Bride
Sean Teale

Sean Teale's RJ is Emma's soon-to-be husband and Will's son. 

Lana thinks that RJ and Will are a lot alike, leading to her growing concerns that he might end up breaking her daughter's heart. 

Still, RJ's love for Emma is undeniable since he is willing to go the extra mile for her. 

The Gifted fans may recognize Teale for his role as Eclipse in the series. The actor can also be seen in Incorporated, Rosaline, and Little Voice.

Rachael Harris - Janice

Rachael Harris as Janice in Mother of the Bride
Rachael Harris

Janice is Lana's best friend in Mother of the Bride. The character is played on-screen by Rachael Harris.

Janice is a supportive friend who is not afraid to speak her mind and defend Lana from anyone.

Harris has an impressive list of acting credits, with roles as Linda Martin in Lucifer, Sheila Sasz in Suits, and Nora Parker in Goosebumps.

Wilson Cruz - Scott

Wilson Cruz as Scott in Mother of the Bride
Wilson Cruz

Scott (played by Wilson Cruz) is RJ's openly gay uncle and Will's brother.

Scott, who is married to Lucas, is ecstatic to learn that he gets to reunite with Emma and Janice (his former friends from Stanford) during the wedding weekend. 

Scott also teases Will about potentially rekindling his romance with Lana. 

Cruz's notable credits include playing Dennis Vasquez in 13 Reasons Why, Dr. Hugh Culber in Star Trek: Discovery, and Rickie Vasquez in My So-Called Life.

Michael McDonald - Clay 

Michael McDonald as Clay in Mother of the Bride
Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald appears as Lucas, Scott's husband and Lana's friend from Stanford. 

Lucas spends a good amount of time with Lana, Janice, Scott, and Will as they try to reminisce about the amazing moments they had in college (such as playing pickleball). 

McDonald served as a mainstay of Mad TV, with him appearing in over 200 episodes of the show. The actor's other major credits include How I Met Your Father, Nobodies, and Happytime Murders.

Tasneem Roc - Camala

Tasneem Roc as Camala in Mother of the Bride
Tasneem Roc

Tasneem Roc's Camala is Emma and RJ's intimidating wedding organizer who makes sure that everything is ready to go for the wedding.

Camala arrives in Thailand to lay the groundwork for Emma's dream wedding. 

Lana is not delighted to learn that Camala appears to have already finished all the necessary tasks needed for the occasion since she believes that wedding planning should be a mother-daughter thing.

Roc previously appeared as Thania in Heartbreak High, Amina in East West 101, and Anna Lucia in Love and Monsters

Dalip Sondhi - Harley 

Dalip Sondhi as Harley in Mother of the Bride
Dalip Sondhi

Dalip Sondhi is part of Mother of the Bride's cast as Harley Ray, the hotel's "go-to-guy" who takes care of every request that the wedding guests may need.

Sondhi is known for his roles in Glitch, The Claremont Murders, and Between Two Worlds.

Mother of the Bride is now streaming on Netflix.

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